Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Okay I am going to skype home on the 24th so TOMORROW! At around 5 o'clock here so what ever time that is down there/ So that is that, and if that doesn't work I can call on Christmas. I still haven't gotten any more dear elders so yeah I guess you can just stop sending them. 
I heard about Garrett that is pretty crazy! 
Please get the Skype account ready cause that would be a lot better to be able to skpe than to just talk, I will be able to check my mail before so send all the info that I need to me. I know I didnt write much but that is because I will talk with you cada y cada in a DAY!!! 
I love you pray for you always.
Your last born in the wilderness

The love coke!

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

No se preocupe! All is well. I just didnt have time last week to get to a cumputer. But this week yeah I did ha. Well anyways I will start with last week. We had one investigator in church her name is Betsy, she is 20 and progressing well, she also has a friend who we are teaching with her. He was not able to go to church but says that he will be able to this week, but he couldn't. Abraham was not able to go to church for some reason, with his family. And good news! Estela let us come back and she is progressing again! So great. This last week was a little different and I didn't like it. Tuesday my comp went to the temple so I went with other Elders, then Wednesday I went on transfers with another elder until Friday morning. 
Then we went to a baptism in another area on Friday night , entonces there was not a ton of work done in our area. Pero the investigators that we have are doing well and progressing.

  That is awesome about Coops baptism sounds like the little guys really liked it! What a good thing for them to see and look forward to, no?  Well it is pretty stinkin' cold here! Not as cold as there but still cold. I was not ready for this cold weather... not much of a fan! Yeah I was thinking about that the other day cause I can see the other side from some spots in our area, and yeah it is crazy what a couple of miles can do to a nation. But I love the people here, they are awesome!
  Okay so I guess they must have messed up on my pants... cause for some reason when I bent over the other day they ripped. Ha I got some junk in my trunk! 

Well this week was really bad, my comp was really dead and was packing and we visited a lot of members so not a ton of work was done with the investigators... I am upset about that.

 I haven't got my new comp yet, I am with another comp in my district right now waiting. I might get to write again tonight if he hasnt written his family yet, then I can tell you a little bit about him.
  This week I ate 15 tacos ( thats a lot) but they just went right threw me ha, I rolled my ackle again trying to catch the bus ha no bueno. 
  We went and ate with the family who the little boy choked on the sucker, and when we were done eating the older brother of Amulek (choker) Samuel asked me if I wanted a candy, but not a sucker like I gave to Amulek, hahahaha pretty funny.
Well all is well with me Hope it is the same with you guys I love you pray for you always!
Elder Zundel

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hola Padres!
   Well this week was one of un poquito mas excito! we had one Investigator in church he is pretty pumped about it too so I am really excited for him! Well I felt pretty crappy until thursday morning this week but now I feel good and ret to go! So I dont know if I told you about this Estela woman but we taught her this last week and she was progressing very well and planning on going to church. Then we had a lesson with her and we asked her at the end if she would pray about the BoM to know if it is true or not. And she went off! WHY do I have to pray about the book of mormon I know it is the word of God because it talks about good things blah blah blah and then she didnt come to church and didnt let us set up an appointment with her... We will go by her house this week though and ask her what's up. That  was a real bummer of the week but on the up side this Abraham, the one who was in church is awesome! He is 14 and really just taking it in, he has a little bro who is 7 and he listens to all of the lessons with him and he said the prayer the other day and it was so powerful WOW!
 I sent Cooper a letter this morning with a little bracelet in it for his baptism let me know when he gets that,  I sent it to his house. 
So I was thinking this last week after this all happened with Estela, "why can people not just do these two simple things; read just a little part of the Book of Mormon and then ask God their father if it true." Then I thought about the people of Moses. They were stricken with some kind of sickness and all they had to do to be healed was to look at the serpant. That simple! But It says that many parished because they were slothful and because of the simplicity of it. I think that is so applicable to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, you would think with something that has an impact on a persons salvation that they would take it a little more serious. I dont know just a thought I had. I will get a new comp In two weeks and I am pretty stoked for that! I am going to make him be exactly obedient so we can have some success! I dont know a lot about the calling thing but I will call on christmas day and who's number should I call? and Also I might be able to do skype but I dont know for sure? It is aloud but not sure where to do it?
 Make sure to tell grandma thanks for the package I loved it. And that I dont have an oven to put those puff things in ha we dont have anything to cook with... My favorite little card goes to Crusty! haha it made me laugh so hard!
  Okay I don't know if I said this in my last Email but I would like study guides for the Book of Mormon, Old and new testaments also! and that one stem shocker thing, the thing with the little pads that you put on your skin and it shocks you.
  Thanks for all of your love and support I love you mom! Keep up the good work with your calling!
Love Elder Zundel

Ps nope have not recieved anything more letters. Yeah I am a Man! 19! 
               Oh and how bout the box elder county fair! yea didnt know it came to Tijuana tambien. 

side note to mom:
I love the young men that I grew up with! what great examples I have for friends! I love you I wrote dad a long email! Oh yeah and can you send me some more SD cards! I dont want to delete any of my pictures. and some batteries for this camera too it burns through those like the new F350s burn though diesel.

Monday, November 25, 2013

25, 2013

Little boy that swallowed the sucker the wrong way!

Well this week was not the best for Elder Zundel... On Wednesday I got sick with the cold so I have not slept that great since then, I bought some medicine but it is not doing to much to help. Then on Friday night we were with a family of members I gave their two little sons each a dumb dumb sucker and the younger one about 2 1/2 popped it off the stick and swallowed the sucker part and started chocking... so his mom picked him up and started pounding on his back, but it was not helping. So she picked him up and ran outside and was jsut in a frantic. My comp and I ran outside too and my comp was just saying, "que hacemos, que hacemos?" And I was all I dont know?? Pray! so we knelt down and each of us said a prayer and right after we got done she came back with the kid and everything was fine! 

So what did I learn from this... Dont give any more suckers away to little kids. Then this Sunday again we had a big fat 0 at sacrament meeting. I opened up my book of mormon to read out of it during the sacrament and I was in Alma 33 but for some reason I read the last verse of chapter 32 over again and it talks about being patient and all of that good stuff kind of a comferting thing.
  Then I met a woman who had came from Ocean Side for a meeting about the Temple and her father is a Zundel Ron is his name and her Grandfathers name is John Jacob Zundel so that was pretty cool to meet her. Thanks a ton for the package! my comp was pretty stoked about the CD! 
   A couple more things: peanut M&M's, BBQ potato chips, Pics of Everyone now (when you get the chance i know the computer is down), cold medicine and IBprofen, Baby picture of me, muddy buddies. and 32 on the garments and round neck.
   Oh yeah and I threw up this morning. Yeah if you were wondering that really was not cool. I slept for like 3 hours last night really really not fun at all. I wrote a letter to Patrick and Grandpa on sunday, but I am sending them both to you. Transfers are in 3 weeks but I think I will stay in the same area for one more transfer. The Spanish is coming along pretty well. Keep on praying for the people!!! That is cool for COOP! And really cool about the BYU football. I bet you guys had a good time.
Well I love you and pray for you everyday, thanks for the love and support!
 Elder Zundel
The little "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree"

side note to dad:
WOW! Quite an experience that sounds really fun! The ankle is doing good, still a little sore. Oh paps not getting fat at all! still in pretty dang good shape if I do say so myself. no other letters besides patricks. Yeah I think that the bears will do well this year at least they have the potential to do well. Thanksgiving and my birthday! no they dont celebrate thanksgiving here but the lady that we are eating with said that she is going to make me a cake for my birthday so hopefully she remembers. Shoot dad you would love the food here, I am learning a lot and having hermanas write down recipies for me though so I will be able to make some really good food when I get back. Pdays are pretty lame I wish we would do more I tell my comp but he is kinda lazy and going home in 3 weeks so he dont care, we did play soccer for a little bit last week and that was really fun! The kid with his hand out is the one who almost died. I wrote mom a long Email so you will have to read that. I love you thanks for all of the love and support!

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Okay so I am doing what you said and emailing you fist, without reading but I dont know if I will email you back after I read cause I got a lot of Emails this week! ha. Well I will start off with this week was awesome with lessons and all we had a ton of lessons some people really seeming interested and reading the Book of Mormon and all really good. Then Sunday comes around and we had 7 people committed to go to church and guess how many showed up?!?!?! UHHHmmm that would be a big fat 0. I was so dissapointed really bumbed out, my comp and I just wanted to to cry. We had it all worked out we had rides for the people and had members go to some as we went to others, but yeah nothin. These are the worries that I have here I am no longer worried about what happens (of coarse I am worried about your health and well being) outside of the mission. It is so awesome not to have worries of the world and just be focused on how to bring others closer to our Savior, but it also brings a lot of heartache whch is never fun....The man on the bus that I mentioned in my last Email, we went by his house on saturday and no one aswered but I felt like we should try again later so we did and he aswered but we didnt have time to teach him anything and he was busy also so we have another sita with him next saturday and we know how to get ahold of him now! We have one investigaor who is 14 yrs old and has a 5 month old baby! Wow that is crazy huh, she is really cool though and really smart too which is wierd cause she is about the only one here ha.
    One thing that I really like that my comp said the other day is, "It is never to late." And I just thought about how true that is. I think about scripture stories like Alma the Younger, and the Lamanites, the Prodigals son, and the lost sheep. Christ has more joy when a sheep who was once lost is found. And that is what our call as members of the church is to do. Find the lost sheep! Like Elder Holands talk when he said what I need Peter are disciples and I need them forever. 
    I got your package and the letter from Mr Bault I have not read or opened the package yet though. Well that is all I got for this week I love you both Mom and Dad and the whole dang fam! 
   Elder Zundel

side note to dad:

I emailed mom but I forgot to say a couple of things, ON my facebood add this lady who added me as a friend one of her names is lopez, she is my favorite member in the ward. I rolled my ankle this morning pretty good jump roping I was hopping foot to foot and then when I jumped to one of my feet I stepped off the curb really hurts, to tell you the truth.

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hello My beautiful Mother,
  This week has been one of good moments and bad moments it seams like there can be more dissapointing moments then not in the mission. The contact that I had on the bus she went ahead and gave me a fake address nobody lived in the house that we went to... really dissapointing. We did not have any investigators at church either which is really sad. That seems to be the hardest part of it all is to get them to come to church. But on the other hand had some good experiences also. We taught a lady and she was just asking awesome questions during the lesson when we were explaining the Book of Mormon. like How do I know if the book is true, then we told her by the spirit, then she asked how will the spirit tell me and there were more but really a good investigator I am excited to teach her again, then on the bus I met a man and he started asking me about the church and all these really good questions and then at the end before I had to get off and I got his address and all he says Well I dont know if I want to join right now but after you guys teach me about it I can think about it. we will teach him this saturday so hopefully that goes good I really hope so!
    When I show people the pictures they send me they always say how beautiful my parents are! I thought you might like to hear that! dont tell dad though it will make him to prideful. Anyways, I have grown to love the book of mormon so much out here! crazy how much it talks to you in the moment of your life that you are in! Like while I have been reading it I have seen so many times how that the gospel will be brought to the lamanite people in the latter days... That is what I am doing! I am fulfilling the prophesies of the prophets!  How awesome is that? Then how it always says if you obey the commandments you will prosper in the land and that is so easy to translate to if you are obedient in the mish you will be successful and I know that is so true. My comp on the other hand might not think so sometimes he has a little bit of a problem being obedient, but I would have you know that I am obedient mother. 
  I could use some more garments so next package you send slip some in there, probably the cotton polly kind. I have not recieved any letters I think the guy went over to cali this weekend so next time I see him I will see if anything was there I sure hope so! OH and I bought half a jacket, I decided to buy a jacket cause I dont have a really warm jacket and they all say that it can get pretty cold here, but It was on a really good deal and a really nice jacket for pretty cheap so I need you to put more money on the card before next monday! thanks! I love you so much hope all is well thanks for the love! 
   Elder Zundel

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 4, 2013

Wow snow all ready that is pretty crazy! That is a bummer to hear about the Bears. Sounds like Mckade had a really good game with tackles 24 is the word on the street. Yeah They are putting a lot on the members to help with the work of salvation. You should watch the District it is a show about missionaries it might give you some ideas and stuff for your calling, also read alma 8-11 awesome about member work! 
    Yeah I am sure that I will be amazed at how much they have grown in these two years! ha I love that story about Hundley nice to see a little bit of that in the kid. That is nice of mom to do that. I love the woman! That is crazy about the tunnel I have not heard anything about that, an no I have not seen any drug or violence or gang stuff I really do feel safe here. The only time I dont is when I am in a car or bus ha they are some crazy drivers. 
    I got my first contact on the bus last week and we are meeting with her tomorrow morning I am hoping it will be something awesome, we also met a family and I think that they have been prepared for the gospel I really excited to meet with them again we meet with them next sunday so i will let you know how it goes! We had a meeting with Elder Walker a member of the 70 this week and he really pounded hard the importance of members in missionary work. 
   Okay I got a list of some things that I would like ha. some chunky peanut butter, home made jam, my senior pictures, some brown sugar oatmil, family picture from cali, some dumb dumb suckers to give to kids, and some good vitamins. 
  Oh I got a hair cut this week too. I walk into the peliquleria and I guess the fist thing that crossed the ladies mind was this looks like a military man so she took the 2 to my sides and like a 4 to the top ha. it is super short I dont like it at all but its alright it will be good in a week or eight when its an inch long.
 They hunt sounds pretty exciting I want to do a lot more stuff like that when I get back but i will probably be busy with school dang. I hope all is well at home you are in my prayers every day, I love you thanks for all of the love and support.
  Elder Zundel
 Oh I recieved your dear elder this wednesday, thanks I like hearing how they other guys are doing!

Spanish is for sure making leaps and bounds I am so thankful for the help of the lord with this. Yeah it seems like the weeks go by really fast but then it seems like a long time since stuff has happened that happened this week. The Kids name is Luis  Edwardo Melendez Ochoa and my comps name is Luis cruz He is about normal for the people here. yeah I have met seen the pres a coulple of times since I have been here Yeah dont think i have a pic with the pres and his wife they just took one on their nice camera ha oops. Oh you are so lucky why did you not do this when I was at home! I want to go with you sounds like so much fun! I am really excited to get some letters though ha but it is way slow getting it here. In Nephi it talks about how the americans would split apart from the french and how much the lord helped them so he could restore his gospel once again on the earth. All is well with me I have my ups and downs but doing good! thanks for all of the love and support I love you!

October 28, 2013

That is really cool you got called as the ward mission leader. That is a huge calling! our ward mission leader is not all that great, it would help a ton if he would help out more, so you can have a huge impact for the missionaries. That is cool that jason and taren are all moved in yeah I bet taren makes a real nice place. Is colt not old enough to wrestle yet or doesnt want to or what? It is raining today and pretty cold... but for the most part it has been pretty warm, I am going to have to buy another sweater though. That will be awesome going onthe elk hunt with bears butt! You will have to get me some pictures or that! Bears better keep it up! and the red socks too! I have not gotten any tangible mail yet. sauzal is the name of our street.
     We had a baptism this last week and I am super stoked about that I got to do the dunking too! He is a 9 year old boy and an awesome kid. his mom is a less active member and dad is not a member, he has an older brother who is 11 that we are working on but he works on sundays so it is hard to get him to church, he works to help out his mom pretty cool kid also. 
       We are teaching a guy who is gay... not really sure where that is going to go  but he is really nice and he split up with his boyfriend about 6 months ago so who knows he says that he has been gay sinse he was like 5 so we told him how it is just  a temptation and that he needs to overcome it. we teach him with a less active single mother  who is so nice we call ladies like her mama galletas, we teach two other investigators with her also, it isjust really hard to get them to go to church.
     Well there is a little info about some of the investigatores and what not, I would like you to send some pictures of me and riley in our speedos and dressed up like cowboys you might have to ask skinners for those pictures. The language is coming along for sure getting better but i wish I knew it... sometimes it is difficult but all is well. I love you!
  Elder Zundel

October 21, 2013

Wow that is pretty scary about the little wreck! I am doing good still rough about the language but it is getting better. Yeah it is way dirty here but the people are awesome it is so humbling for me to be here with these people.
  Yeah I could use a couple things in a package. I need selsum blue shampoo. My comp loves bruno mars and it is his birthday coming up soon so if you could make me a bruno mars CD so i could give to him that would be awesome. and another CD with half salsa music and the other half Bichate on it. They whatever else.
       We dont use facebook Not sure if we will or not while I am here? A typical day here is: I wake up at 630 do a workout eat and shower and be dressed by 8 then do a personal study tthen at 9 a comp study. Ten is language study or more like 1030 but anyways then we start our day at 12 we walk a lot and it is all hills which is good for the Health!  we eat at at about 2 everyday. sometimes we have to walk to a place called k casas which is really far away like 3 miles or so. Oh and we are serving in Delicias Tijuana so look that up! the continue with lessons until 9 and are are back to  our house by about 9 then we plan for the next day and go over our day. done by about 10 then I usually read a little and go to bed. 
      We are teaching a guy and he turned out to be gay so I dont know what we are going to do with that for sure...? we are still teaching him but our next lesson is going to be the law of chastity so we will see how that goes ha. We taught a lesson about the Plan of Salvation to a some people and It really made me think about Grandma Carole I really do miss her and I pray every night that she will recieve the things that are being taught to her. 

 I havent recieved any letters or dear elders. I write G&P Zundel a little. Yeah I am still writing Andi. I havent got anyletters from anyone while I have been here. but that is okay. 
I love you guys check out Moroni 8:3 that is what I do for you every night. 
Love elder Zundel

Oh i learned how to make horchata you got to tell Riley about that I can make some bomb horchata!

October 14, 1013

My comp is from Mexco City he is 19 he goes home in december he has a strong testimonony and knows a lot about the gospel. We really get along very well He works hard and likes to have fun at the same time so that is really good! I dont really see the mission pres ever so dont nkow aton about him. I live in Delicious uno Tijuana so that is whatt you can look up pretty ugly! but the people are so beautiful not appearance but in the heart so giving and way nice all of the time. I have not recieved you dear elder yet no se. pero everything is good here still dont know what people are saying for the most part but it is getting a little bit better. I am going to try to send some pictures I bought a thing off the street to send them but who kows if it will work?? Well I love you 
Love Elder Zundel

I love the little kids here but it makes me so mad that I can not talk with them really one of the hardest things for me is that. and We were in a lesson the other day and I was just so comfused and wanted to talk so bad but I couldnt and that was the really rough for me that was the lowest I had been the whole time really bummed me out. but I am doing good! I rained here the other day and did it rain wow we were walking and it was coming down! and then the people who we had appointments with were not home so we were so soaked the shoes turned out to be not so waterproof haha. We eat at a members house everyday and I really like the food, Oh and there pasteles here are so good oh so good! When I get home we will have a BBQ and I will cook tacos and they will be amazing! That is awesome to here about the little guys I love all of them so much!
  I met a member who goes to cali like 3 times a week and he has a mailbox there so you can send mail there! probably not packages though. the address is
128 west san ysidro
san ysidro CA
and make it out to Gerardo Vidana then put my name on the back or something!
Well I love you hope all is well
Elder Zundel

October 7, 2013

Hola padres!
Everything is good here. I don't understand anything when people talk, the only thing I understand is the first lesson. The address to write me is:

Elder Zundel
PMB 157 P.O. box # 439056
San Ysidro, CA 92143 9056

Will you put that on my facebook or have Wendi that!?
I met a sister yesterday and we were talking and she use to live in Brigham her name is Brenda Casa, she said she knew Nicci, small world huh!
I watched, conference but it sucked.....It was all in Spanish, I did not understand a thing!
So you will need to send me the talks as soon as you can!!! It is all way ghetto here. It kinda stinks everywhere you go. But the people are way nice which is really good! I understand a little more Spanish everyday which is really good, we live in a little house all cement floors, really small, but it doesn't need to be big, spiders and cockroaches rule the place! We are opening the area so we don't have very many investigators, only like two right now, but that should pick up a lot this week once we can get to know the members and what not. I love the food!!!! There bread and all the pastries are soooo good! I had tacos the other day and I think they ere the best thing I have ever had! Dad would love the food here, I love you!
Elder Zundel

October 1, 2013

I made it! It is all pretty crazy just kind of thrown into it I will write more on Monday love you!
September 30, 2013

Yo quiero dar mi testimonio con usted. Yo se que esta evangelio es verdodero. Se que Jesus Cristo veve hoy, y El sufrio por mi y usted y todas personas en el mundo . Se que Jesus Cristo conosce me personal, no intiendo como, pero yo se El conosce me porque yo siento el en my vida, yo se que Jesus Cristo evangelio es restordato en la tierra a hora mediante Jose Smith, yo se que Jose Smith vio Jesus Cristo y Dios es verdadero. Se que Jose Smith translucia el libro de mormon. Yo se que el libro de mormon es verddero. Lo puede ayuda todos personas el el mudo si ellos leeren, meditaren y preguntaren dios. Esta iglesia es el solo verdadero iglesia el todo tierea. Yo se que esos cosas es verdadero, y you digo esta cosas en el nombre de Jesus Cristo amen.

It fit good all of my stuff fit very well and with plenty of weight to spare! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! Next week will be a good week for email cause I will have a lot to say!! Everything is the same everyday here so there is nothing to write about. Te Amo!
Con Amor,
Elder Zundel
September 23, 2013

Hola Padres,

How is everything going back home? Things are still good down here we got our travel plans our plane leaves next Tuesday morning at 11:30, so a pretty late flight which is good! I was wondering if you could send me one of those pay as you go phones then when I am done with it I can just break it and throw it away, I hear that is the best way to do it, then you don't have to wait for a phone to open up and you can talk longer, and you don't have to stand right next to five other people as you are talking. If you would would you watch my card this week I am going to have to buy a couple things like socks and a couple more pairs of garments and stuff like hat, found I didn't quite bring enough. This week was a real good one. Just smooth sailin, seems like the week was long but that yesterday was last Tuesday, weird how time seems to work here, ha. I am pretty sure this week is going to fly by! I am so excited to get out of there, even though I won't know what will be going on, or what anyone is talking about. The language is still just getting better everyday so that is really good. Is everyone doing good back home? Sounds like you are all ready for the Muzz hunt, heading up Tuesday? I love you.
Elder Zundel

Elder Zundel with Elder Hill at MTC

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

E-mail from the Stake Presidency (Tremonton West Stake)

September 14, 2013

On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 6:11 PM, Tremonton Utah West Stake Tremonton Utah West Stake <tremontonweststake@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Elder Zundel, 

We hope that everything is going well for you in the MTC as you get ready to go to Tijuana. We have previously tried not to send emails to our missionaries, fearing that your limited time on the computer each week might not allow you to receive extra emails, but we have wanted to keep in touch. After the June 23 meeting and Elder Perry's announcement about missionaries using the internet, it seemed appropriate to reconnect via email. We plan to write to you a couple of times a year. Please don't feel any obligation to respond to us, especially if your time is busy. We would, however, love to hear from you. 

We are very proud of you and all the missionaries from our stake. We have attached a copy of our missionary list for your information.  We currently have 58 missionaries in the field from our stake, with 8 missionaries waiting to enter the MTC, and 9 more working on papers. 

By now you have been a missionary for a couple of months. Hopefully you're starting to catch on with Spanish and are feeling confident with your ability to teach. I will tell you that the other night a parent told me that their little league young man has been watching you as a hero, and your decision to serve a mission has made you ten feet tall in his eyes. 

Here are some questions if you have a minute: 
  1. With respect to the June 23 announcement, are the missionaries in the MTC being trained on using social media to do missionary work? 
  2. With what you've learned in the MTC, what advice would you pass along to young men who are preparing for full-time missions? 
Thank you for your service to the Lord.  You are a good example and we pray for you personally as well as all the missionaries from our stake. 

Best wishes, 
Tremonton West Stake Presidency 

Chris Thurgood
James Bingham 
Kirt Rees 

Reply from Elder Zundel

Thank you for the letter.  There has not been training for any social media in the MTC. The advice I would give people is to get prepared to be in one of the most spiritual places besides the temple and the home, the spirit that is felt here is amazing.
 This past Friday I made a trip down to Las Vegas to get my visa and leaving the MTC grounds was very different, especially getting into Vegas. The time seems to go by pretty long but it is necessary to be prepared to serve the people in your prospective field, DO NOT take days off. The time is not yours anymore it is the Lords so use it wisely.
I do have one piece of advice I would give to teachers and priests. That is to start praying now the the hearts of the people that they will be softened, and that they will be prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel, and if they do so they will see miracles happen while serving.
Con Amor,
Elder Zundel

September 11, 2013

Hola como estan? Esoy Bien! I got a letter about my visa today, I am going to Vegas this Friday to pick it up! I am excited to leave for a day, my flight leaves at 8:30 a.m. then I should come back that night.Me and another elder form my District are going.
Everything is still going good, lear a lot everyday here. I never saw Nick so I bet he is at the west camps. I told you I would be on at 3:45on Monday.....they have a weight room with just dumb bells that go up to 75 pounds. So you can get pretty sore with those. My basketball game is like 10 times as good as it was during the season, we are not allowed to dunk it, but today I got well above the rim with 2 hands and just dropped it in. The other day a bunch of kids were trying to hit their heads on the net, so I jumped up and hit the top of my ear off the BACKBOARD, GETTIN' UP!
I got to e-mail Broc he seems like he is ready to get out of there.
So they say I need $200 in cash for bags and stuff when we go to Mexico. So I guess send that when ever.
Sounds like Jason's house is coming along, probably no as fast as they want though!
All is well, if you wanted I could use some more after shave. The whole shave everyday is taking a toll on my neck.
I found out yesterday that we only get mail ONCE A MONTH  in Mexico, that sucks.....so e-mail will be the best way. Still write letters though, I like those a lot more that e-mail. I got a couple of e-mails from Andi and a couple letters, thanks for doing that for me.
Dad I watched a mormon message today it is " Father in Heaven, Father on Earth"
or something like that. Watch it! Thank you for all you have done and do for me!
I love you both,
Elder Zundel


September 9, 2013

Hola como estas? Yo es muy bien! MTC es bueno. Yo se que Jesucristo es me elsavedor y es my hermano yo se que amor de dios es real. yo se que el don de lenguas es real en el nombre cristo amen. 
hey how are things going in tremonton? Have you got my letters? Everything is going great up here! had out first gym time on saturday night played some b ball and i tore it up baby! it was a really good time. I have learned more spanish in the four days i have been here than in the three years in school. we sit in a class for 8 hours each day and walk up or down 1500 stairs... that is no bueno ha. will you give Andi my email address please. We watched a video last night from a devotional Elder Bednard gave a couple of christmas's ago about the character of christ and it was really good. He told a story about a lady who lost her daughter in a car crash and it reminded me so much of Todd and  Racheal. Just true examples of people who have attributes of Christ. See if you can look it up on YouTube. Keep on sending letters they are great to get! will you ask Casey if he will make a cd with some christian spanish music on it and then send a cd player and that speaker and the cord please. I have some pictures to send to you but I got on the wrong computer so I will have to send them some other time.

Yeah we could hear the game pretty good! Kick off was right after gym so we went to the fence and listened to the nation anthem then to kick off it was pretty cool! That is a bummer to hear about the computer! I talk to mckades mom every week she always writes she always tells me how he is doing and stuff. Hopefully someone will get a big buck you will have to send me some pictures of everything you can just send theose through email. I will probably send some more pictures tonight i dont have a lot more to send just a couple, I write quite a bit in my journal but the days are all the same here so I dont do it every night here.

oh dang.. I t was just by chance that I got yo host him but just walked him around and showed him stuff. I will be able to host Broc this week that will be sweet! Yeah everyone in my district leaves for tijuana on the same day and there are other elders going to tijuana on the same day too! lots of work being done down there! Everything is going good, I love you.
   Elder Zundel

Elder Zundel hosting Elder Garret Fronk at the MTC

Hola padres,
    How is everything going back home? Things are still good down here we got our travel plans our plane leaves next tuesday morning at 1130 so a pretty late flight which is good! I was wondering if you could send me one of those pay as you go phones then when I am done with it i can just break it and throw it away, I hear that it is the best way to do it then you dont have to wait for a pay phone to open up and you can talk for a longer amount of time, and you dont have to stand right next to five other people  as you are talking. If you would would you watch my card this week I am going to have to buy a couple things like sock and a couple more pairs of garments and stuff like that, found out I didnt quite bring enough. This week was a real good one. Just smooth sailin, seams like the week was long but that yesterday was last tuesday weird how time seems to work here ha. I am pretty sure this week is going to fly bye! I am so excited to get out there, even though I wont know what will be going on, or what anyone is talking about. The language is still just getting better everyday so that is really good. Is everyone doing good back home sounds like you are all ready for the Muzz hunt heading up tuesday? I love you.
     Elder Zundel

Monday, November 4, 2013

September 5, 2013

All is well. Did you get the pictures that I sent you? Are you sending pictures?
 I am so sad I missed Uncle Bills spaghetti. I would love to have some good home cooked spaghetti right now. I have lost like on or two pounds since I have been here. I do pull ups, push ups, and sit ups everyday so I am keeping in shape! NOT GETTING FAT! It is great to hear Doreen is doing well.
The language is coming, but frustrating at the same time. I just want to be able to express myself but I just don't have the words.

There is a lot better basketball now. There are some kids in my zone that have skills, so the games are competitive and fun! I didn't see Nick S, he might have gone to the west campus.

WE had a kind of a humbling experience tonight our teacher shared with us a scripture,
1 Cor. 13:11 (i believe) but anyway, it says something like 'when I become a man I put away childish things'. It hit pretty hard, like no longer am Ian 18 year old young man anymore. I am a man of God. It is a way of life. So that was pretty cool.
I hope things continue to stay well at home. Sounds like everything is going well.

I finally got a letter from Andi today, that made my whole day better, like a Christmas present, almost! My companion seems to be going through a hard time right now, I feel bad for him, but not quite sure what to do.I have a lot of class time life 19 or so hours a day so I wrote a poem for one of the hours.
I  love you guys so much and pray for ustades todas noches.
Elder Zundel

Why would He send us here alone
All understanding now unknown
Ya I know we have prayer and such
But all this pressure is way too much
When all I need is comfort
Is when I feel the thunder
Cause all my pain is real
I think it's all i ever feel
Why does it seem the days never end
Alone, by myself, I have to fend
But then I hear a simple voice
 All of a sudden my heart feels rejoice
I gave up the life of my only Son to comfort you
Listen, I will show you what He can do
 A drop of faith is all it takes
To feel the peace form the drops of blood the night before his fate
He felt the pain all the world could send
The agony of which no mortal man can comprehend
So when you're feeling down, here's where you can start 
Tell Him all the pain you feel in you heart
And I promise you now My son, My child
The love He sends will not be mild
So "why" you ask "did you send me here alone?"
My answer, I didn't, my son gave his life that you might grow.

Kyle Zundel

August 30, 2013

Sounds like everything is going good  back there, staying pretty busy there. Bears are doing good it seems, I figured they would do well this season.
Could you send me pictures!!!
Everything is going good up here I have come really close to my comp. and the rest of mu district, especially Elder Lindly, He is a really cool guy I get along with him the best.

I have seen Riley, WesF. and Brady ( he is at the west campus) They all say they are
Elder Zundel with Elder Riley Skinner and Elder Wes Fukui
doing good! Could you get me some address, Broc's, Kylan's, Tanner V's, Austin's, and Bubba's. All of my brother and sisters, too!

But yeah I love it here I will send pictures as soon as I can. There are some computers that you ca just put the sim card in, but I just have to find those computers.

with Elder Skinner
I love getting letters! Thanks so much for the package! I will write more if you want me to. Could you send some stamps? Oh and if you send candy send like nuts and dried fruit,  don't want to get fat ya know :) We go hard working out in our dorms at night, boo yeah!
Love you, 
Elder Zundel

with Sister McKenzie Bowcut and Elder Skinner

August 26, 2013

Hola como estas? Yo es muy bien! MTC es bueno. Yo se que Jesucristo es me elsavedor y es my hermano yo se que amor de dios es real. yo se que el don de lenguas es real en el nombre cristo amen. 
hey how are things going in tremonton? Have you got my letters? Everything is going great up here! had out first gym time on saturday night played some b ball and i tore it up baby! it was a really good time. I have learned more spanish in the four days i have been here than in the three years in school. we sit in a class for 8 hours each day and walk up or down 1500 stairs... that is no bueno ha. will you give Andi my email address please. We watched a video last night from a devotional Elder Bednard gave a couple of christmas's ago about the character of christ and it was really good. He told a story about a lady who lost her daughter in a car crash and it reminded me so much of Todd and  Racheal. Just true examples of people who have attributes of Christ. See if you can look it up on YouTube. Keep on sending letters they are great to get! will you ask Casey if he will make a cd with some christian spanish music on it and then send a cd player and that speaker and the cord please. I have some pictures to send to you but I got on the wrong computer so I will have to send them some other time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

August 23, 2013

    Well day 3 is over and in the last two days we have spent 15 1/2 hours in the same classroom and another 2 hours in the other classrooms.  Eat 3 big meals a day, I can see how Casey and Jason got fat. But me, No I will not!
    I have learned more spanish in these 3 days than I have taken 3 years in school.  Amazing how much God can help us.  When I pray I say por favor bendice me con don de langas. (Please bless me with the gift of tongues).  And it is working.  They speak very little English in Class.  We taught our first lesson to Eric who does not speak a lick of English.  Yeah as you can imagine it was a rough first lesson.  It is hard to keep track of the day and time because the days are so long.  Not bad, just long.
    Jay keep your bald head out of my room, and keep Jason out of these too! All is well here! I love you!
   Love Elder Zundel
P.S. Thanks for the letters! They are nice to get.

long days of class

August 22, 2013

MTC Aug. 21, 2013
The first day has been great! The feeling is awesome here. Everyone is so excited to serve. My companion is Elder Johnson from Star Valley, Wyoming. He is a good kid. I should get along with him well. My roommates are both good guys too, not weird or anything. I got my stuff to my room got some books and went straight to Spanish class, no time to waste, right! Then we had a big devotional thing. It was so cool everyone was talking, probably 500 kids and it was really loud, then the music leader stood up and started us and everyone started singing. The spirit was so strong. So everything is going great! 
I love you!
Elder Zundel 
Elder Johnson (companion)
The other cool roommates

   MTC pictures