Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

I bet you guys had a good ol' time in St George! haha you out smarted them, all they wanted to do was use the Ipad, who got outsmarted? 
JC drew out for a good area hopefuly he can get a nice buck, yeah it does sound like fun. My comp was telling me that where he lives for fun they go out with their bows and hunt for a deer and after they shoot it they have to track it down and the one who finds if wins. Pretty cool!  Wow KC not taking a loss in the post season pretty amazing!!! Good for Utah hopefully they keep it up and get a good bowl game. Yeah without Mitton it will be tough for the bears to do anything in the post season. Oh that is really neat about Uncle Roy, only if I could remember who he was.....? Wow that would be pretty crazy if they sent Dallin out there. Yeah I have heard a little bit about the Ebola but not all that much. that is some scary stuff. 
   My health is doing very well I feel a lot better, I got my comp to run a little with me so that is good too.
  Well to just be frank. This week I have been the happiest I have ever been in my life! I am just happy. We are working hard, and I feel good about what we are doing and what we have done, and I feel like God also is pleased with what we have done, and it makes me feel wonderful. I love the gospel, I love living it. I love seeing other people recieving joy from the gospel, and helping them recognize where it comes from. Really that is all I have to say, I am happy. I love you paps, I pray for you daily.
 Elder Zundel

So I´ll just sit right here and drink another beer in Mexico.. oh how did Kenney get on my email? Everything is good mother, I feel really good no problems with the health as far as I can see. The IV and all that seemed to have done its job. 
  The ward is making a lot of changes, we are working hard to help with the cause. The attendance is going up every week so that is awesome!!! The family that we are teaching, is going very well. So the daughter has gone to the church about 4 times and she is loving it, but we have been having some troubles with the two sons, Alan(16) y Andi(19), . But this Saturday we went by to teach them the Gospel of Christ, and we talked about how it blesses our lives. At the end I really stressed the importance of attending the church and Alan promised to go on Sunday, and HE WENT. At the end of church he came up to me and says I sure am glad that you guys invited me here. He ate it up! Now we just have to work with Andi. We are hoping to have some more progress with Marisol, but she feels a little bit of pressure so we have to back off a little bit. Oh we are going to baptize two ladies this Thursday they are pretty awesome, really funny. I feel like I am in home when we go to there house they are jsut so loving! Their names are Alma y Magdalena I will get you a foto of them this next week. 
  Good to hear that you had a good time on the trip, yeah you better get a good house for the next year!!! And a pool so I can show off my missionary tan lines! I love the gospel and I love you too mom! 
 Elder Zundel

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 13, 2014

Wonderful time of year. Here it is pretty warm not as hot as the other weeks so I am thankful for that! Yeah Jennie told me that McKade Mitton dislocaded his shoulder, that Dr. Bitner says that he will be out for the season, but who knows. Were you guys able to see the new movie?? There are tons of people here that have really messed up ideas about our religion, and it makes it difficult for them to even listen to us. Hopefully the movie will be able to make a difference! Well for the next UEA EVERYBODY will be going well at least I. 
   I am feeling a little bit better. Yesterday I did not feel good at all. I went to a members house who is a nurse and they took my tempuature and it was a t 103 so they injected me with some stuff and got all of that taken under control. 

I told you about a less active woman who came back to church after 20 years about 2 weeks ago. Well we are teaching her kids now, her daughter is bound for a baptism here really soon, but her two sons are a little bit slower in the process, but we will keep on working with them. 
We have one investigator whose name is Marisol, she is 24 divorced with one boy of 3 years. She is Awsome! We went and taught her the other day about the word of wisdom, and so we started with how we should be obedient to the commandments that God gives us, and I asked her why do you think that God gives us commandments? And she says swinging her fist To Obey Them! She will be another baptism we will have here coimg up soon. But the other day while we were teaching her, her son came home from being with his dad. He was Screaming and Crying Papi Papi, histaricaly and just bawling because he did not want to leave his dad, really sad. Then Marisol with tears rolling down her face says I give him everything, all I have goes to him. His father does not give or do anything for him. Really sad moment, But she keeps a good attitude about it.
  I really liked what President told us this week in our Zone Conference. He talked a little about Templanza-Temperance, well paps you probably know a little, I mean a little bit about this. How when someone is making a sword they pound it with a hammer until it gets really hot then put it in cold water, and by doing this the molicules are moved around and the steel becomes harder and harder with every round. I feel as though I have been tempered very many times in the mission. Time after time we get thrown in the water, but I know how much stronger I am for it! My testimony has grown incredibly. And I know that it doesnt matter what fight I come up against, my sword will not bend nor break. I love you Paps!
Elder Zundel
X games in Mexico

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

The stomache issues are not as bad as they were, I will continue to work on that. How bout that! new truck,and why did you not send me a picture or two of it??? Does that mean that the Ranger is mine? Well I hope it pays back in return like the Ranger did.
Bout time Bears! Jennie Mitton told me that Mckade leads the state in tackles, thats pretty cool! The Utah teams are playing really well sounds like, bad news for Taysom... I think that I will be home in early August, President likes a good plan for his return missionaries so if I know what I am going to do he will be up for it. Tell mom to keep up the good work! I would imagine that you need to work a little harder on your athletic appearance, cut back on the milkshakes and kick up the sit ups! I am doing alright in my journal writings, not the best but alright. 
  I feel like the time is going by a little to fast, like there is so much to do and not much time to do it. So I guess that means that there is just to work harder. Transfers are coming up next Monday and I am excited for that! I am ready for a next comp... The other day while we were off on the tour of france my comp tells me, ya know you don't have to go so fast.. Laziness has grown to be one of my biggest pet peves. But I am working very hard with my patience so I don't get mad, and I am doing pretty well. The other day I told off one of the guys in the house for something they were doing, and he talked back and I was about to loose it on him, so I left the room got to my bed and knelt down. the peace that the Lord gave to me filled me and we were able to work without contention for the rest of the day. My testimony grown every day, today while studing I read in Mosiah:23 (https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/mosiah/23?lang=eng),  I think it was, and it talks about how God sent trials to the people of Alma to test their faith and patience, and I feel the Lord is doing the same with me very often in the mission. 
  I will continue to work hard, and finish strong, and I will work really hard on not getting fat after chistmas... Love you paps! 
 Elder Zundel

Well we ran for one day, then my lazy comp wasn't up for it... bugs me.. Things are going better with the digestive system, not at 100% but alright. Oh Yes Conference was AMAZING!!! we watched it in the church. I wish that we could have conference every other week! I hope your families could watch it also. 
  Well Good for Bradley! I don't remember who it was, but one of the 12 made it pretty clear that we are to get married! I don't remeber any Alexa?? Elder Brown is a good guy! Well that doesn't seem like the worst option to join the Army. I feel like this will make you happy but I am feeling stronger about USU.. SUU is really far away from home. 
 I only took a years supply of contacts to the mission, and I am running low... my perscription is -3 y -4 
things in the ward are going alright, I really like the bishop he lives in our area so we visit him every so often and try to be a help for him. The weather is cooling down a lot, but still hot compared to home.
 I Love you mom, Love,
 Elder Zundel

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 29, 2014

Wow the time is cruisin' for a bruisin', actually the little card thing that says my dates for leaving and going home says that I will be home on the 4 th of August... Finishing strong is the goal hear, can't expect anything less. Wow that is a nice fist day of the hunt! JC, Wade and Corn went up on a hunt Wade drew out for the bull hunt and got a big bull! Hopefully the Bears can come out on top of this one. 
  Sounds like you are going to have to planch your missionaries a little bit this week so they can get back on buissiness. Sounds like they are on the same transfer mode as us we have transfers in 2 weeks also. Grandmas letter didn't get here, I don't know about shoes right now, because we are on a bike right now and we don't walk so they are not of a need as of now. I have a problem with not being able to go to the bathroom... who knew what it is that I have? I am trying to take care of it the best I can. I started running today,  I decided that I want to run a half marathon when I get back, and that is something I can train for here in the mission. 
    Well this week was a week full of work, we led the district in lessons, and we are working hard! Trying to find and put dates! So Saturday was a little rough in the morning. We leave the house at 9:45 to get to a lesson at 10 and they aren't there... we follow our plans and all of our appointments fall until 12:30 when my tire goes flat... so we go and repair that and by that time we had to go to the food. Just a really bad morning,  I think we only had one lesson until the food. But then after the food we had a normal day of teaching.  So where I am going with this comes next.  I was thinking really hard the other day in why the disobedient missionaries have success and a lot of the time a lot of success, isnt it supposed to be that the obedient missionaries should recieve all of the references and all of the blessings.  I began to think why, why I didn't get these blessing,  with people that want to hear the gospel and accept it with all they have. You could say that I didn't have a testimony of the obediencia, I had always been obedient because I love the Lord. But then Sunday we get to sacrement meeting, and after a less active sister came up and said that she wants that we teach her kids, who aren't members,  the gospel.  My comp told me she has 20 years being less active and that all of the missionaries have gone to her house to activate her,  but now she has come back.  Like Alma said we do not recieve the blessing, until after the trial of our faith.  I love the gospel I love my Savior. 
  Miss you paps Love ya too, and I dont stop praying for you.  
 Elder Zundel