Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

Okay I am going to skype home on the 24th so TOMORROW! At around 5 o'clock here so what ever time that is down there/ So that is that, and if that doesn't work I can call on Christmas. I still haven't gotten any more dear elders so yeah I guess you can just stop sending them. 
I heard about Garrett that is pretty crazy! 
Please get the Skype account ready cause that would be a lot better to be able to skpe than to just talk, I will be able to check my mail before so send all the info that I need to me. I know I didnt write much but that is because I will talk with you cada y cada in a DAY!!! 
I love you pray for you always.
Your last born in the wilderness

The love coke!

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

No se preocupe! All is well. I just didnt have time last week to get to a cumputer. But this week yeah I did ha. Well anyways I will start with last week. We had one investigator in church her name is Betsy, she is 20 and progressing well, she also has a friend who we are teaching with her. He was not able to go to church but says that he will be able to this week, but he couldn't. Abraham was not able to go to church for some reason, with his family. And good news! Estela let us come back and she is progressing again! So great. This last week was a little different and I didn't like it. Tuesday my comp went to the temple so I went with other Elders, then Wednesday I went on transfers with another elder until Friday morning. 
Then we went to a baptism in another area on Friday night , entonces there was not a ton of work done in our area. Pero the investigators that we have are doing well and progressing.

  That is awesome about Coops baptism sounds like the little guys really liked it! What a good thing for them to see and look forward to, no?  Well it is pretty stinkin' cold here! Not as cold as there but still cold. I was not ready for this cold weather... not much of a fan! Yeah I was thinking about that the other day cause I can see the other side from some spots in our area, and yeah it is crazy what a couple of miles can do to a nation. But I love the people here, they are awesome!
  Okay so I guess they must have messed up on my pants... cause for some reason when I bent over the other day they ripped. Ha I got some junk in my trunk! 

Well this week was really bad, my comp was really dead and was packing and we visited a lot of members so not a ton of work was done with the investigators... I am upset about that.

 I haven't got my new comp yet, I am with another comp in my district right now waiting. I might get to write again tonight if he hasnt written his family yet, then I can tell you a little bit about him.
  This week I ate 15 tacos ( thats a lot) but they just went right threw me ha, I rolled my ackle again trying to catch the bus ha no bueno. 
  We went and ate with the family who the little boy choked on the sucker, and when we were done eating the older brother of Amulek (choker) Samuel asked me if I wanted a candy, but not a sucker like I gave to Amulek, hahahaha pretty funny.
Well all is well with me Hope it is the same with you guys I love you pray for you always!
Elder Zundel

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Hola Padres!
   Well this week was one of un poquito mas excito! we had one Investigator in church he is pretty pumped about it too so I am really excited for him! Well I felt pretty crappy until thursday morning this week but now I feel good and ret to go! So I dont know if I told you about this Estela woman but we taught her this last week and she was progressing very well and planning on going to church. Then we had a lesson with her and we asked her at the end if she would pray about the BoM to know if it is true or not. And she went off! WHY do I have to pray about the book of mormon I know it is the word of God because it talks about good things blah blah blah and then she didnt come to church and didnt let us set up an appointment with her... We will go by her house this week though and ask her what's up. That  was a real bummer of the week but on the up side this Abraham, the one who was in church is awesome! He is 14 and really just taking it in, he has a little bro who is 7 and he listens to all of the lessons with him and he said the prayer the other day and it was so powerful WOW!
 I sent Cooper a letter this morning with a little bracelet in it for his baptism let me know when he gets that,  I sent it to his house. 
So I was thinking this last week after this all happened with Estela, "why can people not just do these two simple things; read just a little part of the Book of Mormon and then ask God their father if it true." Then I thought about the people of Moses. They were stricken with some kind of sickness and all they had to do to be healed was to look at the serpant. That simple! But It says that many parished because they were slothful and because of the simplicity of it. I think that is so applicable to reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, you would think with something that has an impact on a persons salvation that they would take it a little more serious. I dont know just a thought I had. I will get a new comp In two weeks and I am pretty stoked for that! I am going to make him be exactly obedient so we can have some success! I dont know a lot about the calling thing but I will call on christmas day and who's number should I call? and Also I might be able to do skype but I dont know for sure? It is aloud but not sure where to do it?
 Make sure to tell grandma thanks for the package I loved it. And that I dont have an oven to put those puff things in ha we dont have anything to cook with... My favorite little card goes to Crusty! haha it made me laugh so hard!
  Okay I don't know if I said this in my last Email but I would like study guides for the Book of Mormon, Old and new testaments also! and that one stem shocker thing, the thing with the little pads that you put on your skin and it shocks you.
  Thanks for all of your love and support I love you mom! Keep up the good work with your calling!
Love Elder Zundel

Ps nope have not recieved anything more letters. Yeah I am a Man! 19! 
               Oh and how bout the box elder county fair! yea didnt know it came to Tijuana tambien. 

side note to mom:
I love the young men that I grew up with! what great examples I have for friends! I love you I wrote dad a long email! Oh yeah and can you send me some more SD cards! I dont want to delete any of my pictures. and some batteries for this camera too it burns through those like the new F350s burn though diesel.