Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

Well things are going pretty well here in the area, we still have a good handful of people who are progressing. Today we went on a little hike up to the top of the little mountain that we live on so that was something new to do. 

 Then we went and played soccer for a while with some other missionaries and some young men. But this week we were walking to go and talk with a lady that we had contacted a couple of weeks ago, and we passed by some guy sitting outside of his house and we walk by and I tell my comp he we need to contact this guy, so he says alright and we way hey how are you. and he says I am good come on in I dont have places to sit but please come in, and we start talking a little bit and he says do you guys think you could come by like everyday? This is Vicente he is a pretty cool guy. Then we go to get him on sunday morning to go to church and he had just got home from double time and he had to work the night shift as well  but he says I will go with you guys for a while so that was awesome! The same thing happened with Manuel, I think that I talked about him a little, someone offered him a job on Saturday night to watch a junky all night and he had also just got back from work but still went to church! 
  Then Saturday night we were visiting a member and she says that she has a friend that she gave a Book of Momon to, so she goes and gets her  and we talk to her for a little bit, and she explains to us how she no longer feels the desire to live. and how she is in really deep depression, but we talked about the love of God and she accepted to listen to us, I am really excited to see how she does, her name is Irma. 
We also found some Christian people this week and I really like an experience that this guy shared with us, he said. I never knew my father but I wanted to get to know who he was, I had searched for him a couple other times in my life but I never found him, so I decided to search again, but with a week of searching no luck so he was sad and confused, and as he slept that night asking God why he could not find his dad, a voice came to his mind and said, Am not I your Father?  I know that God lives that he is our Father and that He Loves each and every one of us. 
Love you guys!
 Elder Zundel

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 16, 2015

HELLO well fiRst off I really enjoyed the pictures that you sent me, it is really good to see the ol Zundel side of the family! Please make a special hello for my grandparents on both sides!! There are a lot of lasts that are happening here but there are also a lot still left to run. We got some really cool news this week, that the Temple Open House will be November 13 to 28 and the dedication will be on the 13 of Dec by PRESIDENT Monson! so I will be having a little road trip to Tijuana! 
  That's good that you could do a little bit of the family history! have we gotten back to Adam and Eve in any of our lines yet? 
I have not done anyting with the  debit card and I do not plan on doing anything with it until I get home. That is so crazy that so many men are coming home! the time is going by really really fast now... I have a pretty great mom don't I! and she may have reason on telling you how to drive because I would imagine that it has not gotten any better with your old age. 
   So we are still working with the same people and they are still pregressing well! and we found a guy this week who is really cool! His family sells the slush stuff that grandma makes but it is mexican style and really good this morning we went and made it with him so that was cool. he is going to progress, but is and ex drug addict so we will have to work with that. 
 I love you guys so very much!

Ps. I was wondering if when it gets a little closer to August if you could ask a round a little and see if there are some quick jobs I could do, like haul hay for a day and make some good quick money so I can have a little pocket change. 
  I was talking to Elder Watts and he told me maybe about living with his family for the first semester then getting a house, I told him that I am good for whatever. 
  Love Elder Zundel

say hello to mis carnales for me!
Chowin' on shrimp

My comp's gangster face, what's up?

March 9, 2015

HOLA ZUNDELS! Yes here they do do daylight saving, and I also like it, it makes it a lot easier to work because it is hard to contact during the dark. About school don't worry all to much, everything will workout good, I just got to work hard and everything will be good. That is cool that Casey and Bridge are going to move into a house, I bet they are pretty excited about that! Shoot ditch digging won't even be a problem when I get back, we can just hook up a plow to my back and I will have it all done in an hour or so. But yes that will be after a couple of months when my not so six pack turns back into an 8 pack haha. MARCH MADNESS that is fun! oh you got to be careful with the little chickens because it can traumatize young peoples lives, I would know. I like telling people that I have nephews and nieces that are 3 and that they know how to pray, it shows what the gospel does in the home. 
  Well I am finally getting to know the curvy streets here in Tijuana, and I can walk around without getting lost. So that is nice, and makes it a lot easier to work. So right now we have two people who are progressing very well and they are a man named Fabian and a girl named Stefani. Fabian is like 35 married with a young girl and he is really cool, he works all week graveyard so we only get to teach him on wednesday, but he gets done with work on sunday morning and heads to church with us at 830 so he is pretty awesome! We found Stefani this week she is 16 and really cool, she asked us during the lesson, if we are God's children, then who is the father of God?¨ and she went to church and is really cool! Last night we knocked on a door and some guy invited us in and we talked for a while and he has family who are members of the church, he is not all tha interested right now, but he did invite us over to eat aguachiles today so that is really cool!! that is shrimp with salsa it is really good. Well we have a lot of hopes to find some really good new investigatores this week so pray for us in that effort to find the people who are ready to recieve the gospel. 
 Love Elder Zundel

Friday, March 6, 2015

March 2, 2015

Well my comp continues to be a really good guy, doesn't have much of a personality but a good guy, I try to make him laugh. We seem to get along for the most part. Our area is probably one of the most dangerous in the mission, don't tell mom. But really it is not that bad as long as you take care of yourself, and we are in the house at 9 at night so we are okay. I have not felt threatened at all so far so all is well. 

Well it has been really cold here and rainy for the last couple of days, and that is not good for the mission work here... rain means nobody is going to church....but hopefully we get some better weather here this week and we send the rain up there to Utah. 
lots of rain

We found some good people this week and we have some plans to find some new this week so I think it will be a good one, but we will see how it goes. 

I love you Paps! we make roofs

mixing cement for 4 hours was pretty fun for a contact, then none of them wanted to hear about the gospel...