Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

Well things are going pretty well here in the area, we still have a good handful of people who are progressing. Today we went on a little hike up to the top of the little mountain that we live on so that was something new to do. 

 Then we went and played soccer for a while with some other missionaries and some young men. But this week we were walking to go and talk with a lady that we had contacted a couple of weeks ago, and we passed by some guy sitting outside of his house and we walk by and I tell my comp he we need to contact this guy, so he says alright and we way hey how are you. and he says I am good come on in I dont have places to sit but please come in, and we start talking a little bit and he says do you guys think you could come by like everyday? This is Vicente he is a pretty cool guy. Then we go to get him on sunday morning to go to church and he had just got home from double time and he had to work the night shift as well  but he says I will go with you guys for a while so that was awesome! The same thing happened with Manuel, I think that I talked about him a little, someone offered him a job on Saturday night to watch a junky all night and he had also just got back from work but still went to church! 
  Then Saturday night we were visiting a member and she says that she has a friend that she gave a Book of Momon to, so she goes and gets her  and we talk to her for a little bit, and she explains to us how she no longer feels the desire to live. and how she is in really deep depression, but we talked about the love of God and she accepted to listen to us, I am really excited to see how she does, her name is Irma. 
We also found some Christian people this week and I really like an experience that this guy shared with us, he said. I never knew my father but I wanted to get to know who he was, I had searched for him a couple other times in my life but I never found him, so I decided to search again, but with a week of searching no luck so he was sad and confused, and as he slept that night asking God why he could not find his dad, a voice came to his mind and said, Am not I your Father?  I know that God lives that he is our Father and that He Loves each and every one of us. 
Love you guys!
 Elder Zundel

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