Thursday, November 19, 2015

August 4, 2015

He is home!

The whole family at the airport

a gift for the girls

Grandma and grandkids

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27, 2015

  Well this will be the last email that will be sent from Elder Zundel so it might as well be a good one! These have been the best two years for my life, I have grown and have learned more than I ever imagined and am ready to apply this to my life. I have never had so many trials and hardships in my life, but that being it is hard to remember any one of them, because of the joy that overcomes it all by being able to bring people back to Christ. I LOVE this Gospel, the way that it changes lives is a miracle in itself. To be able to see the weight of the troubles of the world taken off of the shoulders of the people that accept the Lords help in their lives has been such a blessing for me. I can't help but to remember the words of Alma as he spoke about remembering what Christ had done for him by seeing others being cleaned of their sins. I can also feel this love that Christ has for me as I see others come clean of sin and enter into the pathway to happiness. 
  I know that Jesus is the son of God, our Redeemer and Savior. That he came to complete the will of his Father and our Father by taking the sins of all of us upon Himself. I know that through and only through this great atonement of Christ that we may be able to return to live in our heavenly mansions. I know that Gods love is real that he loves us uncondicionaly and that he will never leave us alone. He hears and answers our prayers. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church of God and that his Son leads and directs it this day. Joseph Smith restored this gospel as a Prophet of God and was able to bring forth the Book of Mormom. I know that families can be together forever this is the plan of our Heavenly Father! 

    Elder Zundel
July 27,  2015
God Bless America

Hey so the homecoming of Riley and I is the same day? what we goin to do about that? How am I going to be at his party and my party? Wow it is so crazy how everyone is on their way home or just chilin' at home, I think Tanner V goes home this week too! so cool! Good to hear that everyone had a good time at the trip and that everyone was safe!!! Yeah I think that Jarom and Nicci are alright haha. I am really excited to see all of my little nephews and nieces, I bought some really cool stuff for my nieces haha!!!
  Well gues what mom, I am going to the Temple this Saturday!!! We baptized 7 people last week and we are going to the temple this week! I am so excited!! We will go with all of the ward, well those who have a recommend and a visa, but we will be in the crew with the ward, we will take a bus on Saturday morning and get back that night! And another baptims or two this week as well will be real nice!!
Baptism of Rosi and Alison

Baptism of Luz, Rose, Fredy and Brandon
this picture was sent from the temple trip through Face Book. San Diego Temple!

Baptism of Mercedes

Mom I am going to see you in one week and am so excited I love you mom! 
 Elder Zundel

The last taco feast

The last week of us
Todos and celebration with tacos
So here is the deal, I will work really really hard this week because it is the last one that I will have as a full time missionary.... that is so crazy to say... But very real.
Back sweat
Yeah I left that lawn lookin pretty dang good before I headed out and it best as well look the same when I get back paps haha. 
That is some pretty scary stuff with the accidents that could have happend, but really I know that God watches over our 
crazy family and I am very greatful for that!!  
Well the work here is going really good we were able to have some good success this transfer as we will end with 9 or ten baptism so that is really cool a lot of work but for sure worth the price! This last week was really an awesome experience to be able to see seven people get baptized and seven confirmations. Both of the baptismal services were awesome and we sang in one and a young woman with a lady sang in the other and when the young woman sang it was amazing!! the most spiritual baptism I have had these two years. 
Well dad I love you a ton I am grateful for all that you do and have done for me! and I will see you very soon! 
 Elder Zundel
Salsa competition

.....more salsa

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 13, 2015

HELLO! that is really good that Hess got home good and that he is a good young man! Yeah that is pretty cool that Jeff and Lisa went to get Riley!! (in Italy) I bet they are having a real good time. 
But time is going by really fast, I thought that this last month would go by slow, but did I think wrong! Really I have a lot of mixed feelings about going home. I know that I will miss all of the mission experiences and the way that I am living my life right now, but I feel like I need to progress more and that I can not progress more here. So I am pretty excited to get home and see yall! 
Reading the Scriptures

  Things have continued to go well in the work of the Lord we had 14 people in church this week and we are still hoping to complete our goal of at least 10 baptisms in July, we had one this week!! We are hoping for another this week and 9 or 10 for the next week!!! so that will be really exciting!
umm well I think that going to the dentist and eye doc is a good idea for while I am in recovery, but how I am pretty much made of steel, I will not need that much time to recover! 
Yeah you better ask Don about when I will do the service so that we can do that before the surgery!!(for the Nucor scholarship)
 I am loving this work, it never gets old haha! 
I love you paps, 
Elder Zundel

Chuey and his girlfriend's family

My new comp, Elder Rawlings

the last district

Leader Mission, Jonathan
Mexican Food

Elder Vera a bud from  the mish
Maria y Melissa
fam of Servando (that called mom)

Manuel and his family

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 6, 2015

Well it looks like you guys had a great time at the pick nic! (copied dad's oops) as usual. Yeah paps you best as well throw in the towel. There is a guy in our ward that is an ex pro boxer, he has some really fast hands! and he is 51 and still in pretty dang good shape! We are going in the mornings and doing a little box with his nephew that is fun!
   I know this is the true chruch, and that Christ is at the Head of it! 
Wow that is pretty crazy that everyone is heading home... yeah I will be there pretty soon! That made me laugh to hear about Nash jumping off and belly flopping haha, I believe that I got a lot of your genes in me cause I was pretty worried all week about that family and all of those little guys in the water.
   Well the work here is going pretty good. My comp and I are working harder than snott and loving every minute, we are so tired!!! We will have a baptism this week and from here on out we will be having one or more every week!! that makes me pretty excited. We found a family and they are really cool it is a single mom Luz, and her 3 kids; Freddy, Brandon and Rosi. They are really cool, so we taught them lesson one and invited them to church and they were down! So we were at church waiting for them and then never got there, then at the end of Sacrament Meeting they come walking in, they told us that they went to the wrong church and they asked if the two white kids went to that chruch and they said oh yeah come sit down and they will be here in a minute... the two white kids never showed up haha but they got to the church and are progressing really well. We also have a couple other families that are progressing and we are hoping to baptize more than 10 in July and if we do that then Pres will take us to the temple!!! 
I went to the dr. today and she gave me some pills to go to the bathroom so hopefully that will help!!! and she checked the hernia and it is alright as long as it does not cause pain something that we already new. 
Well Paps I love you, 
Elder Zundel

Hi mom, well it continues to be hot and things continue to go well with all of the investigators, well almost all of them.. we have a big family that we are teaching and we were not able to find then all week... they did go to a Relief Society meeting and the bishops wife said that they loved it but we could never see them, we called them on Sat. night and they said that they were going to go to the church, but they went to a party Saturday night and didn't get up for church. We are going to pass by with them today and see whats up, but we are pretty sure that all is well..
 I am drinking a lot of water and trying to keep in  the shade. I love you mom.
 Elder Zundel

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

This is the return itinerary for the missionary, Elder Kyle Jay Zundel, from the Mexico Tijuana Mission,

Your trip
Booking ref:
13 May 2015
Kyle Jay Zundel
50 East North Temple St
801 240-5111
Tuesday 04 August 2015
Delta Air Lines DL 2295
04 August 10:09 AM
San Diego International (+)
Terminal: 2
04 August 01:00 PM
Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Intl (+)
Terminal: 2
01:51 (Non stop)
Booking status
Economy (X)
Baggage allowance
24E confirmed for Kyle Jay Zundel
Ticket details
E-ticket DL 006-7621795320 for Kyle Jay Zundel

____ 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

I now know what it is like in the spirit prison... and you do not want to go there!
Yes I do get you pictures and I love them, keep them coming my way!  I bet you guys had a blast up there, the pictures look like a way awesome trip! 

Well I am plugged up!! and plugged up pretty good, but I drink more than a gallon of water a day so who knows whats up, don't eat flour and I eat a ton of fruits and veggies, but I will try to get something to help me out with that.  
That is so crazy that they are all on the head home list, yeah well sooner than later I will be on the same list...It is awesome to hear the the mission work is moving forward in the 8th ward! 

  Well the area I am in is pretty rural but at one end we have a mall so it also has some of that. But the area is huge we will never get to one end of it, just to far from the church, it is hard enough to get peopel to go when they live close... speaking of which We are slaying it here in this area. We had 16 Investigators in church this Sunday, and we are hoping to be filling up the baptismal font here in July. It is hotter than dog snott but we are working hard and loving every minute of it. I hope all continues to go well with the whole fam, I love to hear the blessings that they are receiving! 
I love you paps 
 Elder Zundel 
the people here are pretty laid back because it is to hot to be up tight. 
It is so hot here

HEY mom I love you!!! um well it is really hot and do you have any questions for me, I have one or two for you! there is a guy in our ward that sells cars here and he said that he would sell me a 2010 toyota Corola S for 7500 how bout that? oh and I would like you to do me a favor and check up on a book that is called whole 30 it is a diet plan type of book and I would really like it for when I get back;)
I know, hey um I think in this transfer I will need to use the card a couple of times, just cause the house we live in is not to great and there is nothing in it... so we have to buy the stuff. but no huge spends. um what else, um I love you. I am talking with skinn and I love him too I love all of my people! 
Hey new change of plans, We are going to live in the basement of Elder Watts grandma! haha but get this they are going to Hawaii on the 10 on Monday so I think it would be best to move in my stuff before the tenth, maybe Triday I dont know Thursday would probably be better, if you could please call sunny and ask here about that haha
I love you mommmy!

June 22, 2015

Wow that is pretty cool that that is Johnnys dad! (the crippled man who baptized his son) Yeah he still went to Bear River so we saw each other every once in a while.
How is the boat holding up, will she be running good for me when I get back? No I did not get any pictures that you sent me, I only got a couple that dad sent.
Well they sent me to Mexicali so suffer a little bit until I go home haha. But no I got my new comp Elder Rawlings and he seems like a really good guy, he is from Atlanta Georgia so it will be good to work for him, he is a good missionary. Yeah that is a hard test for the converts I think, they get really comfortable with the missionaries then they leave and they dont have anyone to help them keep on progressing, I really hope that that does not happen with the converts that I have.. Well I will keep on working hard until the end don't you worry about that mommy the hernia is going well and I am safe!
   NOTICE: I will not be living in the house of elder watts, some things happened and they do not have open rooms, but we are still living together, so it would be good to be on the apartment lookout. Thanks fo reverything mom I love you!!! Love Elder Zundel

That is awesome the the word is able to have some baptisms, are they references from the members of are they contacts of the missionaries? haha I dont imagine you being able to just sit and enjoy very much... work on that. I got the pictures that you sent it looks like a pretty good time! Yeah keep on the look out cause A nice car will be needed. Well be safe on the trip, no arch swinging!! mom! 
   Well my last 6 weeks will be spent in HELL on earth, for the last little bit it has been 115 to 120 here in Mexicali, but that should be good because like Branzon Fonsbeck always said, sweat is just Fat crying, so I should home a little bit skinnier. No but I feel good about this transfer it should be really good withmy new comp, I believe that we will get along really well. 
  This last week we had the baptism of Magdalena and her son Mario that was really good! I was way happy to see them get baptized. then yesterday we went by all of the families to say goodbye and that was not all that fun, I do not like goodbyes... but it is nice to see that the people really do care about you. We will see how it goes here for this last trasfer, I only got two weeks to put dates for baptisms that I will be able to see, so got to work hard and smart! NO Regrets! 
I love you paps, 
 Elder Zundel


Gangsters, we think!

Hermana Silvia Y Yasmine

June 15, 2015

Well that does sound like a pretty exciting week! We did not have such an exciting week, there was a lot of rejection as we talked to the people in the street and went to appointments, but the good thing is that we still have some good solid investigators who are progressing and a couple of new people who went to church, actually some members got their hands in the work and brought them to church. I believe that this will be my last week here in Matamoros, but if not this will for sure be my last area. Well this is going to be short one we have a lot of stuff to get done today and the sun only gives us 12 hours to do it.. I love you Paps, You and the fam are always in my prayers. 
 Elder Zundel

Okay we will call it a plan to come back to the dedication!! Okay I will stay here in mind and heart, you get all ready for me to there in a couple of weeks.... Just one thing Elder Watts told me that he is going out to vacations from the 10th to the 17th so I guess I will move down there the 18th or not sure about that? Justice is married? that was a quick one! oh and Elder Hadley has a couple of medical problems that he has to go home every once in a while for surgery, I still stay in contact with him, Good kid!
 Kenz is going to have another little Jack? that is cool, tell Jason that he is sinning and that he needs to bring children of God to the earth.
 That is awesome that the ward could have a baptism, I don't know if I ever heard of a convert baptism in the ward when I was home?? Now they are having a couple which is really good!
Wow bubba is home, that is so crazy! and Hess is getting ready so crazy, before you know it you will be giving me a big ol hug in the airport!!! Um I say that you can just keep the letter there until I get home, I don't see the need to spend money to send another package. Wow you are going on all of these awesome adventures right before I get home, that is kind of showing off haha.
  But things here are going alright not to great, but not bad. We have been having some troubles in finding new people to teach. But we will continue to search for more and more people. Out little buddy Chuwi still is not baptised but now we know why and we are working on that one to help him feel the forgiveness of Christ. We are hoping to see that Magdalena and her children will decide to be baptised this week! I believe that this will be my last week here in this area, and then only one transfer more... and my last area but who know we will see what they tell me on Saturday night. 
Well Mom I love you very very much
 Elder Zundel

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 8, 2015

Here I would imagine that is is kind of like tremonton, it is getting hot but nothing horrible. About two weeks ago we got some pretty good rain, but it doesn't look like it, it is so dry here! haha Mom loves the summer I believe a lot of time with the grandkids. 
For these two years I have asked a lot of people if they know what a dutch oven is and nobody has known,  sad. Oh that is a bummer to take one to the eye, how did he do when he pitched? (on Cooper taking a pitch to the face)
 We have also seen the same with some of our investigators, but also some are progressing really well! Okay whatever you think will be best for a car will probably be good. Is there something that I need to know or do so that you do not have to come down here? Speaking of coming down here, in December they are going to dedicate the Temple here in Tijauna on the 13th and I would really like to come and see the dedication, and I would like you and mom to come down also and meet some people and check out Tijuna. What do you think about that???
  Well we were going to baptize this week but our baptisms decided to move to a different ward... so that kind of stinks, but the good thing is that they will be baptized!! This weeek was a rough one with the work, because we had a ton of meetings and not a lot of time to work in the field. So I guess we will have to do do double for this week. 
Do you know if they are going to give me a tema to talk on or how that works with the homecoming talk? To tell ya the truth it worries me to go home, I don't know sometimes I would want to just stay out here, but also it is tough... a lot of work and I miss you and mom and the whole family. But the time I got left there is work to do, people to find and souls to save. 
I love this work, I love our Lord, I love this Gospel. 

 Elder Zundel

children of an investigator

Interchanges with Elder Hernandez

Well this week has been kind of wierd, we had a meeting Tuesday that took half the day, another meeting Wednesday that took more than half the day then we did interchanges and I left my area so another day not working there, a lot of stuff going on! But this week should be a good working week, we are hoping to be able to get a lot done, we are going to do visits with some members in the ward and hopefully be able to get a lot of work done. I have been missing you a lot.... people always ask how much time I have left and then they say WOW that is so little and then they talk about my mom... and ask me if I miss you, miss your food and all of that. But I will be seeing you soon! 
So this is what I was thinking for my fist week back
Tuesday- Visit family 
Wed- Boating!
Thurs- Camping with nephews
Fri- Buds
 what do you think about that? Also if dad doesn't respond to my question, what would you think about about coming back to Tijuana in December the 13th to see the Dedication of the Temple??? and visiting a couple of people?? 
Love you mom
 Elder Zundel

June 1, 2015

 Hello father...I think that the car would be a really good deal and if you feel good about it go ahead.. for how long will I not be able to lift for? (after the hernia surgery) I have a goal to get certified in Cross fit training, and I hope to be able to do that in November over the break. Okay with with the hernia, if I have pain I will tell someone and see a doc. That is sad that he passed away that is really young. (about Kelly Westley)That is fun that all the little guys are going to start into some baseball /Tball. Uncle Scott is going to retire?? good for him!       
  We really need some help with our Ward Council because we don't ever have it. Our Bishop has been gone for work for about a month and the fist counciler moved to a different ward. That is something really frustrating for a missionary! This week has gone pretty well we could not get Chewi baptized, but he continues to progress which is really good. but we are going to have two baptisms this week!! This last week our convert Melissa had a experience that made me pretty happy, she went with one of her comps from school to do some homework and the family is Christian and the father started telling melissa all these things about our church that it is wrong and that she will go to hell for following it and all these things, and she just took it and at the end said I know that I am in the right path because I have felt it. The man could not say anything else and walked away. 
All is well here. Working hard day in and day out. a lot going on for these last couple months but the work continues to go forth! 
 Elder Zundel

Hello my lovely mother, I hope you are doing great cause in your pictures you look great! Well with the whole Dr. thing, the surgery is not going to be the 5th right??? Cause I need a least that week to go boating and be able to move like a normal person. That is a pretty cool event for the big town of tremonton. (the old car cruise)
  That is awesome that the guy will be able to go though the temple now that is such a blessing!
 The Grand Canyon!!! wow that is pretty cool should be a fun trip, it would be even cooler to go on a Harley! 
Well mom I love you and I hope that you know that, you are the best mom in the whole wide world!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hey you guys have been praying for rain and that is what you have gotten, Blessings! Good to hear that everything is going good and that you could enjoy the day off. Well I guess if you see a really good deal on a car then go ahead and take it.. but plead that it looks pretty good as well. When will I have to been down to UVU? 
  Well this week was a really good week! We were able to have 2 baptisms of a mother and a daughter and they are really cool. We also had a great lesson with Chewi and we put a baptismal date for him for this week and we are hoping and praying that he will take the decision to be baptized this week! This week another lady came to church who had been in Utah for a while in the Salt Lake area. She has a couple of kids who are not baptized so we are going to go with them here tomorrow to see them and hopefully put a baptismal date with them!
 So far everything has been pretty chill here. We are always being safe but we have not seen any danger yet. Well in Playas de Tijauna they found 5 heads without bodies last week, but really nothing to worry about. 
I love you. 
Elder Zundel
Tortillas for days!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May 18, 2015

Well this week went really well, we were able to have a lot of success and we are working hard to have this success continue! Our convert Manuel is pretty awesome, we have to keep on passing by with him so that he can stay strong in the church, he will recieve the priesthood this week, and most likely a calling! I am really pround of him. 
Baptism of Manuel
We are also teaching a mom and daughter that are going to get baptized this week they are Maria y Melisa, they are way cool we call people like them mama galletas because they are always willing  to help us and always want to give us food and just take good care of us. They are progressing really well.
We are also teaching a kid named Jesus, we call him Chewi. He is a young man of 21 years and really cool. He has been to church quite a few times but has not accepted a date yet because he wants to be sure that he will not fall away after being baptized, but he has recieved his answer about the Book of Mormon and the church. We are going to visit him tonight and we are hoping to give him a date. He asked for a blessing yesterday, so that can only help us! 
We are also teaching a little family and the moms name is Magdalena her daughter I think is Michele and her son Mario they are all pretty cool, but Michele told us that she has gone to churches before and that she always has nasia and head aches when she enters a church, but I thought that it would not happen here, but it did she said that she did not feel good, not that she did not feel the spirit, but of her health. So we will have to see what we can do to help her with that. 
  This Sunday was our ward conferance, and it was pretty dang good! the Stake President spoke, who only has 28 years, and did an amazing job! He spoke about the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and the importance of the sacrament. We are seeing miracles here in the effect that Christ has in each and every one of our lives. 
 Elder Zundel

Mission lider

fighting chicken

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey mom! well I hope that you are looking good when I get home!! Work hard for these three months and get a pull up in!!!! (on an 8 week weight loss challenge)
Transfers are in 2 week but I will stay the same with my comp because I am training and that is for 2 transfers. I think that I will end my mission here in this area. 
Well mom I love you!
 love your baby boy 
  Work hard, keep the commandments, dont break the Diet!

Well today is a hot one!! Well a lot of sun more than hot I got a little burnt, Holister will not like that... Really that is pretty awesome that Jason and Taren ran a half marathon that is a longggg time to be running, I am pretty good at walking, sometimes it feels like we walk all day because all of our appointments fall... To me I think that reactivation is a lot of the time more difficult than baptism, but really brings the same amount of joy to us and to our Heavenly Father. 
I guess I will have to be looking for a couple of souvenirs, but I really don't know what to get??? 
Yeah I will be needing all of the facetime info and also for skype because I do not know if I will be able to use a apple device. 
Yeah if you could pick me out a cute girl that would be nice, and a car while you are at it I will tell you a model and make here soon. 
   Well today we had a zone activity! that was pretty cool, we played volleyball and ate some pizza it was a good time, there are not very many athletic missionaries in my zone...
Oh say can you see.......

That's my boy! (companion that he is training)
The work continues to go forward. it seams like we talk to every person in the street, we make an appointment to return and visit them and then they are not there... that is how our week went a lot of contacting and a lot of knocking on doors but not a lot of success out of it all. but we will continue to do the same and have faith that we will be able to find the people who are ready to recieve the gospel. 
 I love you paps, 
Love Elder Zundel
April 20, 2015

 Well we had a similar experience I also got my haircut today, and he took the clippers to the skull, the difference is, I came out looking like a Holister model! (referring to dad's bad hair cut!)
  I really am pretty impressed with only two trips on the combined house updates. Really must have been an uplifting experience. That is really sad that Christian had that injury poor guy, it's that he is pretty old now and all that jumping around.. Well running for that long does not sound like that much fun to me, but oh wait, Jason can run that far??? (on Jason running a half marathon)
  Well things here have been kind of rough this week, we are working hard to find people who are ready to receive the gospel. Sometimes the mish is pretty rough, we walk the whole day talking to as many people as possible and they tell us no and no and no, but it makes it all worth it when we find the one who is ready to listen to the message of the restored gospel. It is like golf, you tee off and bogey and hit it in the pits and the ponds, but once in a blue moon you shoot a birdie and it made your trip. this morning while I was reading in the BOM I read in 1 Nefi 16 and 17 and it impacts me a ton the attitude that Nefi had. I don't remember exactly the scripture but like 1 Nefi 16: and almost to the end, Ishmael had died and his daughters are complaining about all that they are suffering and that we would now have to suffer hunger. Then we look and the way Nefi looked at it in 17:1-2 ( he recognized that they had to suffer a little he could see how the Lord has blessed them throughout their travel through the wilderness. The attitude that we put towards the things that we do will always make the difference. 
  We will be hoping to have a baptism this week of Manuel, he is a great guy! He has been working and working to repent and change is life in drastic matters, and you can rally see the difference in him. I love you,
 Elder Zundel!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

I got a smile on my face and I am enjoying another day here in Tijauna. It seems like there is a missionary reporting his mission every week for the last little while, pretty crazy! (in our home ward) Yeah I really do feel like there  is so much to do before that day comes when I got to pack up my bags. But there is still a good amount of time to work hard to do acomplish it all. What language do they speak on the Marshal Islands? Do you remember ohh do I remember, I think her name was Moki or something like that she was my age, well she was from the Marshal Islands. (on a new elder in our stake from the Marshall Islands) Yeah I for sure know how he feels, but he will be greatly blessed for knowing English, my comp wants to learn English but doesn't now know very much at all, so I try to help him a little with what I can. 
 Good to hear that you can still have a good time at your old age haha. Do Cooper and Payton still go to school in Portugues? Don't be letting anyone fall of the shed, Mr. safety.(at Grandpa Z's roofing project) The hernia is the same as it has been for a while now it just pokes out a little, but a lot more when I go to the bathroom. Yeah I don't, when do you think I should have the surgery on that?  Oh no looks like some TV dinners are on the menu in the Zundel house, because mom will be on spring fling!
  So this week we had the baptism of Stephanie! that was pretty cool! She gets along really well with the young women in the ward, and had good support in the baptism.
baptism of Stephanie
Manuel and Fabian are still going good, we are still working to find some more people who are ready to recieve the Gospel. Hopefully we see some miracles this week. We had the baptism on Saturday night, so me and my comp decided to start a tradicion and sleep on the roof after the baptism that we have. So we were up there and we talked for a little and while listening to the kareokee machines in every house around us we went to sleep, but we were not so prepared and it got really cold so at about 3:30 I said hey do you want to got inside, and before I could say anything else he was gathering everything up. 
  Yesterday we had a Priesthood activity for the stake and all the Melchizedek  priesthood went to a ward and then from there the stake pres handed out two names and addresses and everyone split up and when and search for these less active men or those who had not advanced in the priesthood, there where about 40 members and 20 missionaries so it was a really good activity, and the next week they are coming to our ward so that should be really good for us! I will be waiting for the letter from Riley.
 Thanks for everythings. Love you,.
 Elder Zundel
family home evening

the bus
doing service

tacos de carnitas