Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 22, 2015

Wow that is pretty cool that that is Johnnys dad! (the crippled man who baptized his son) Yeah he still went to Bear River so we saw each other every once in a while.
How is the boat holding up, will she be running good for me when I get back? No I did not get any pictures that you sent me, I only got a couple that dad sent.
Well they sent me to Mexicali so suffer a little bit until I go home haha. But no I got my new comp Elder Rawlings and he seems like a really good guy, he is from Atlanta Georgia so it will be good to work for him, he is a good missionary. Yeah that is a hard test for the converts I think, they get really comfortable with the missionaries then they leave and they dont have anyone to help them keep on progressing, I really hope that that does not happen with the converts that I have.. Well I will keep on working hard until the end don't you worry about that mommy the hernia is going well and I am safe!
   NOTICE: I will not be living in the house of elder watts, some things happened and they do not have open rooms, but we are still living together, so it would be good to be on the apartment lookout. Thanks fo reverything mom I love you!!! Love Elder Zundel

That is awesome the the word is able to have some baptisms, are they references from the members of are they contacts of the missionaries? haha I dont imagine you being able to just sit and enjoy very much... work on that. I got the pictures that you sent it looks like a pretty good time! Yeah keep on the look out cause A nice car will be needed. Well be safe on the trip, no arch swinging!! mom! 
   Well my last 6 weeks will be spent in HELL on earth, for the last little bit it has been 115 to 120 here in Mexicali, but that should be good because like Branzon Fonsbeck always said, sweat is just Fat crying, so I should home a little bit skinnier. No but I feel good about this transfer it should be really good withmy new comp, I believe that we will get along really well. 
  This last week we had the baptism of Magdalena and her son Mario that was really good! I was way happy to see them get baptized. then yesterday we went by all of the families to say goodbye and that was not all that fun, I do not like goodbyes... but it is nice to see that the people really do care about you. We will see how it goes here for this last trasfer, I only got two weeks to put dates for baptisms that I will be able to see, so got to work hard and smart! NO Regrets! 
I love you paps, 
 Elder Zundel


Gangsters, we think!

Hermana Silvia Y Yasmine

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