Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 8, 2015

Here I would imagine that is is kind of like tremonton, it is getting hot but nothing horrible. About two weeks ago we got some pretty good rain, but it doesn't look like it, it is so dry here! haha Mom loves the summer I believe a lot of time with the grandkids. 
For these two years I have asked a lot of people if they know what a dutch oven is and nobody has known,  sad. Oh that is a bummer to take one to the eye, how did he do when he pitched? (on Cooper taking a pitch to the face)
 We have also seen the same with some of our investigators, but also some are progressing really well! Okay whatever you think will be best for a car will probably be good. Is there something that I need to know or do so that you do not have to come down here? Speaking of coming down here, in December they are going to dedicate the Temple here in Tijauna on the 13th and I would really like to come and see the dedication, and I would like you and mom to come down also and meet some people and check out Tijuna. What do you think about that???
  Well we were going to baptize this week but our baptisms decided to move to a different ward... so that kind of stinks, but the good thing is that they will be baptized!! This weeek was a rough one with the work, because we had a ton of meetings and not a lot of time to work in the field. So I guess we will have to do do double for this week. 
Do you know if they are going to give me a tema to talk on or how that works with the homecoming talk? To tell ya the truth it worries me to go home, I don't know sometimes I would want to just stay out here, but also it is tough... a lot of work and I miss you and mom and the whole family. But the time I got left there is work to do, people to find and souls to save. 
I love this work, I love our Lord, I love this Gospel. 

 Elder Zundel

children of an investigator

Interchanges with Elder Hernandez

Well this week has been kind of wierd, we had a meeting Tuesday that took half the day, another meeting Wednesday that took more than half the day then we did interchanges and I left my area so another day not working there, a lot of stuff going on! But this week should be a good working week, we are hoping to be able to get a lot done, we are going to do visits with some members in the ward and hopefully be able to get a lot of work done. I have been missing you a lot.... people always ask how much time I have left and then they say WOW that is so little and then they talk about my mom... and ask me if I miss you, miss your food and all of that. But I will be seeing you soon! 
So this is what I was thinking for my fist week back
Tuesday- Visit family 
Wed- Boating!
Thurs- Camping with nephews
Fri- Buds
 what do you think about that? Also if dad doesn't respond to my question, what would you think about about coming back to Tijuana in December the 13th to see the Dedication of the Temple??? and visiting a couple of people?? 
Love you mom
 Elder Zundel

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