Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 22, 2014

That would be correct! (on mom being correct on the name of the city he is in) Yeah I feel bad about last week... (on not responding to dad's  email)
Things are not going how I would like them to go right now, the people here are tough, but that doesn't stop us from working.
I did receive your package THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! but still no letter from granny. The time is flying! We were expecting a big rain storm but nothing happened here. I know how you feel about the people you are visiting it is the same in all of the world.
Mom I want to see you do a pull up when I get home! DO IT!
 That is awesome about the temple dedication I am hoping so much that I will be here for the dedication for the tempel here in Tijuana.
Hahah the little guys are awesome! (about the grandkids)
Thanks for all that you do for me mom, I love you!
Elder Zundel

HOLA COMO ESTAS PAPA? Forgive me for the last week I don't know what happened I didn't get your email until today, and we hardly ever go to the internet during the week, and if we do it is to print something off. 

Good to hear the the Fiesta was a success, we had our Fiesta this Friday and it was a good time the dances that the youth put on were really cool. 

Good to hear that you guys are taking care of the elders, how many are there in the stake, how often to you meet with them? 3,000,000 thats a lot of zeros, yeah you better ask if they have a daughter. (on finding him a wife, and it being a daughter if some rich people whose house is supposed to cast $3,000,000) Yeah sounds like the bears are really struggling right now, something has got to change. 
   I don't know for sure what I am going to do about college right now, or about playing. Depends on a lot of stuff so who know about that. College has got me a little stressed out, but I know it will all work out for the good. 
  I did recieve the package that you and mom sent me, but the letter from grandma I did not recieve yet. 
THE MUZZ, you love it! Really a good time up there with the whole crew. Hopefully I will have the chance to go every once in a while now that I won't be busy with sports. Oh I am hoping that I will be here for the dedication of the Tijuana Temple it will be done right around the time I leave... Right now I am really missing some cooking at grandmas house... I have some pretty bad bugs in me right now so I will be taking a couple of strong drugs here this week. But don't worry about that. 
Things are kinda rough here the people are a lot different from the people in Tijuana not as receptive to the gospel, so that is kind of setting us back right now. Ah and they just called a new bishop in the ward, I think it will be really good for the ward because he seams to be a getter doner. 
  Okay so I want you to take a look at 2 Nephi 31:3 ( and pay special atencion to that while watching conference! Speaking of General Conference, I want you to ask everyone if they have invited at least 2 people to listen to the full time missionaries since the last conference. And if they haven't invite them to repent, and to do it! There has to be unity between the missionaries and the members, because like it says in DyC 88:72 ( that the Lord will apressurar (don't remember how to say that in English) his work in his own time. and The prophet has said that the time has come. 
  I love this work, I love Mexico, I love Jesus Christ, and I love you Dad. 
 Elder Zundel

"some buds"

September 15, 2014

My beloved mother! Well this Sunday went a little better! We had three persons in sacrament meeting, and one of them will be baptized this week! so that is a lot better than the past week. We are working hard here contacting all of the people that we pass in the street, well which aren't many cause nobody goes outside in the heat... So today is the independace day of Mexico, so we will have to be in the house at 6:00 and this Friday we have our party with the stake! Jeez mom you have to take follow the example that your mother put for you, go to all of the games! Wow good for Mckell that is a lot to run..(on not making it to all of the grandkids games and McKell's half marathon)
  I know that I have to have a really high GPA and get a good score on another test that I have to take, but what I want to know is, well I have heard that some of the best dentist have came out of BYU so I don't know if that would help me get into dental school, or now that Utah has a dental school if going there for all of my normal school will help me get into their dental program.
    That is one of our problems here in San Luis, a lot of the people here do not want to accept Joseph Smith as a Prophet... I don't know how you could say no. By their fruits you shall know them. There are 84,000 missionaries in the field, how much more good fruit do you want? We will contunue! 
I love you mom, Love,
 Elder Zundel

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

San Luis Rio Colorado

Well I am here like Lance Armstrong on my bike winning the Tour de France!  
my comp and i competing for the Tour de France

It is pretty dang hot here, but you think that stops us? No. Well this week has gone well we are working hard and trying to find new people. Well we did find some new people. but nobody went to church, even after passing by every one of them on saturday... we were pretty depressed. But then one lady stood up to give her testimony and she talked about the Atonement and the sacrament, and she talked about how the message that I shared with her enlightened her mind a little bit more and that she felt closer to her Savior by knowing him a little better. So that made me feel pretty good. So where I am at right now is pretty nice, well for sure the nicest area that I have been in. A couple of people here have A LOT of money. And I really like it cause all of the streets are square like at home so we can find houses really easily. The heat is pretty rough but nothing that a missionary can't handle. We live in a house with another pair of missionaries and that is fun I like it a lot! I am the only American.
the house

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Well I think I am going to have to use a little bit more money cause I have to buy drinks to drink during the day and the electric bill will be a lot more than in Tijuana. We do have A C but we only use it at night to save electricity. The area that we have is really pretty big. 

   Well hopefully the Bears will do well in region play so they can have a good seed in the playoffs. Good to hear that Krista is doing better, that would be a really tough loss for that family. Wow good work with ol' Russ Rose, good for you guys! 
Oh are they doing the activity for the Independence day of Mexico, we are going to have a big party here with the stake the next Friday, should be a fun deal! 
  Wow the Redds have grown a lot! I think that Nash has changed the most so far, and Mason is tall, well compared to Kolt. I would imagine that Nixon and Ivy will have changed the most by the time I get home. Well if you could start checking around that would be nice so I can have a couple of options when I get back. (on dad asking if he should be looking for a wife for him when he gets home)  No chubby I am not, just kinda normal. I am going to start working out good again so we will see how that goes. 
My comp is a good kid he is 20 and from Mexico I can't remember the state but it is down south. we get along really well and we are always having a good time together. We work hard and enjoy ourselves. 
  This week while studying in the Book of mormon I read in Enos and the fist couple of verses reminded me a lot of you. Thanks for all you do for me and the example that you always were for me. I love you and miss you.
 Elder Zundel
I am like a single mother....cook and clean

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hey you know what third place is, the second looser, buckle down and try harder next time. Oh wait I will be there next time well you can be the fist looser. ( about dad taking 3rd place in the tomahawk throw) Wow I didn't know Grandpa had so many years... and lots to come!!! WOW college game day That is some fun stuff, Hopefully those Utah teams can put up some good competition this year. I am thinking that if I go to SUU I will try to walk on to the football team. Hope the bears can take it to the bees this year, I have no idea how good Box Elder is this year?? 
  That is a little scary about Krista, she will be in my prayers. Yeah I remeber CJ ha did you ever get her to go to the church? Ojala that the Reds and Zundels will pull out on top in this whole house thing sounds like a lot of work went into the whole deal. Good luck with the little guys be safe with them!  (on heading up to Willard Peak) 
NEW AREA, well not all that excited because in my last area I left behind 7 for sure baptisms... and I get here and we have 3 dates and I don't know how sure they are. But I am ready to get to work. So I am in San Luis Rio Colorado, and it is not part of the Baja California. I am in another state, Sanora! Dang it is hot here, I stepped off the bus and the hot air hit me right in the face! it will be over 100 pretty much every day here for a little while, and we are on bikes! So that means I will be loosing a little bit of weight I think. My comp is Elder Canche he is from Mexico he is going to turn 20 here pretty soon, I think he is a good guy dont know to much about him so far. We live with  another set of missionaries, so that will be fun! Well I will se what I can do about sending fotos! my old comp fixed my memory so that is really good! Well I will get you a good report on how the area is this next week.
 Love you paps.
 Elder Zundel!

Buenas Tardes, pues yo estoy muy bien estoy animado para esta traslado. Como estas mi bella madre?
  Well I only got the package of the books.... who knows what happened with the other ones??? Yes you are correct about the trasnfer and the comp I expained to dad about that. Well I went from kinda hot, to chillin in an hoven all day! it is so dang hot here, it is like st george or sometimes death valley here. Yeah Please Talk to Coach Park or to Morgan!!  Well good luck with school! how do you like working with Coach Chournos?? 
I don't have a ton of time to write because I had to take a 3 and a half hour bus ride to get here so Just know that I love you mom and that I pray for you every night! 
 Elder Zundel

August 25, 2014

Well I am going to start off with some good news, I have a really cool foto. Bad news my SD Card has a virus.... so right now my comp is working on that, hopefuly he can work that all out. 
  Box Elder County Fair, good times good times. Did you you happen to see big Coach Winters? I am guessing no if you didn't say anything about him. Oh Jay, just get a little more practice in on the Cannon and you will be great, its all about the faith. Good to hear that you think that the bears will be alright this season. Yeah I hope that Mckade can stay healthy. But even better to hear that Grandpa and Grandma went to the temple, is that the first open house that they have been to or did they go the the Brigham open house also? Oh really Aunt Sherry went though the temple??? that is awesome! Lots of stuff happening in the family right now right? 
  Nope haven't felt any trembling of the earth here. Yeah we are trying to do the same thing in ward counsel here.. the ward that I am in right now is pretty rough, but in one week I am pretty sure that I will be in a new area, so I am excited for that! 
  Well this week we had another baptism, we baptized this older gentleman, just of 83 years. He is one of the funniest persons I have ever men in my life. He kind of has a sad story though, he has like 6 kids but none of them want him. He lives in this little abandoned store that his friend lets him sleep in. but he will be doing a lot better now that he has the gospel in his life. He reminds me of the parable that Jesus told; that one lord had 2 sons and he told the fist to go and work in his vinard, the son replied, no. but later he repented and went to work. the second son he asked the same, and he replied yes, but never went. Which son did the will of the father? Really it is never late for someone to come unto Christ, he has is arms open to recieve us in all times. 

  There will be no slowing down, only speeding up for this year, I am ready to baptize the world and change lives.
 I love you paps hope all is well! 
 Elder Zundel
uno año

Back to school!  Good to hear that there has been some good rain back home, here it is really dry! Off to Africa, dang how lucky! I wanted to go to Africa ya know. Well maybe I will get to know one of these Elders. (Jared Whitworth's mission call and his friends going to Tijuana)What do you mean that Broc is huge? like he was before, or a little chubby? 
  Well here is what I am thinking about doing with school. Go to SUU to get me generals, then transfer to BYU to do all of my docterates and all that jazz. then apply for dentistry school at the U. What do you think about that? Could you ask some people what they think about that, but people that would know. Please mom for your son that is serving the Lord... Well a date I have no clue right now. I think I will ask Presidente about that the next interview I have with him in about 2 and a half months. Yup transfers are right around the corner the next monday I plan on writing you from another internet shop! I dont think I will stay here again. You will have to tell me about this Ice bucket challenge. 
  I know this is the lords work and I am here to work with him to win the people here in Tijuana! I love It! I love you!
Elder Zundel.