Monday, September 1, 2014

August 25, 2014

Well I am going to start off with some good news, I have a really cool foto. Bad news my SD Card has a virus.... so right now my comp is working on that, hopefuly he can work that all out. 
  Box Elder County Fair, good times good times. Did you you happen to see big Coach Winters? I am guessing no if you didn't say anything about him. Oh Jay, just get a little more practice in on the Cannon and you will be great, its all about the faith. Good to hear that you think that the bears will be alright this season. Yeah I hope that Mckade can stay healthy. But even better to hear that Grandpa and Grandma went to the temple, is that the first open house that they have been to or did they go the the Brigham open house also? Oh really Aunt Sherry went though the temple??? that is awesome! Lots of stuff happening in the family right now right? 
  Nope haven't felt any trembling of the earth here. Yeah we are trying to do the same thing in ward counsel here.. the ward that I am in right now is pretty rough, but in one week I am pretty sure that I will be in a new area, so I am excited for that! 
  Well this week we had another baptism, we baptized this older gentleman, just of 83 years. He is one of the funniest persons I have ever men in my life. He kind of has a sad story though, he has like 6 kids but none of them want him. He lives in this little abandoned store that his friend lets him sleep in. but he will be doing a lot better now that he has the gospel in his life. He reminds me of the parable that Jesus told; that one lord had 2 sons and he told the fist to go and work in his vinard, the son replied, no. but later he repented and went to work. the second son he asked the same, and he replied yes, but never went. Which son did the will of the father? Really it is never late for someone to come unto Christ, he has is arms open to recieve us in all times. 

  There will be no slowing down, only speeding up for this year, I am ready to baptize the world and change lives.
 I love you paps hope all is well! 
 Elder Zundel
uno año

Back to school!  Good to hear that there has been some good rain back home, here it is really dry! Off to Africa, dang how lucky! I wanted to go to Africa ya know. Well maybe I will get to know one of these Elders. (Jared Whitworth's mission call and his friends going to Tijuana)What do you mean that Broc is huge? like he was before, or a little chubby? 
  Well here is what I am thinking about doing with school. Go to SUU to get me generals, then transfer to BYU to do all of my docterates and all that jazz. then apply for dentistry school at the U. What do you think about that? Could you ask some people what they think about that, but people that would know. Please mom for your son that is serving the Lord... Well a date I have no clue right now. I think I will ask Presidente about that the next interview I have with him in about 2 and a half months. Yup transfers are right around the corner the next monday I plan on writing you from another internet shop! I dont think I will stay here again. You will have to tell me about this Ice bucket challenge. 
  I know this is the lords work and I am here to work with him to win the people here in Tijuana! I love It! I love you!
Elder Zundel.

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