Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 22, 2014

That would be correct! (on mom being correct on the name of the city he is in) Yeah I feel bad about last week... (on not responding to dad's  email)
Things are not going how I would like them to go right now, the people here are tough, but that doesn't stop us from working.
I did receive your package THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!! but still no letter from granny. The time is flying! We were expecting a big rain storm but nothing happened here. I know how you feel about the people you are visiting it is the same in all of the world.
Mom I want to see you do a pull up when I get home! DO IT!
 That is awesome about the temple dedication I am hoping so much that I will be here for the dedication for the tempel here in Tijuana.
Hahah the little guys are awesome! (about the grandkids)
Thanks for all that you do for me mom, I love you!
Elder Zundel

HOLA COMO ESTAS PAPA? Forgive me for the last week I don't know what happened I didn't get your email until today, and we hardly ever go to the internet during the week, and if we do it is to print something off. 

Good to hear the the Fiesta was a success, we had our Fiesta this Friday and it was a good time the dances that the youth put on were really cool. 

Good to hear that you guys are taking care of the elders, how many are there in the stake, how often to you meet with them? 3,000,000 thats a lot of zeros, yeah you better ask if they have a daughter. (on finding him a wife, and it being a daughter if some rich people whose house is supposed to cast $3,000,000) Yeah sounds like the bears are really struggling right now, something has got to change. 
   I don't know for sure what I am going to do about college right now, or about playing. Depends on a lot of stuff so who know about that. College has got me a little stressed out, but I know it will all work out for the good. 
  I did recieve the package that you and mom sent me, but the letter from grandma I did not recieve yet. 
THE MUZZ, you love it! Really a good time up there with the whole crew. Hopefully I will have the chance to go every once in a while now that I won't be busy with sports. Oh I am hoping that I will be here for the dedication of the Tijuana Temple it will be done right around the time I leave... Right now I am really missing some cooking at grandmas house... I have some pretty bad bugs in me right now so I will be taking a couple of strong drugs here this week. But don't worry about that. 
Things are kinda rough here the people are a lot different from the people in Tijuana not as receptive to the gospel, so that is kind of setting us back right now. Ah and they just called a new bishop in the ward, I think it will be really good for the ward because he seams to be a getter doner. 
  Okay so I want you to take a look at 2 Nephi 31:3 ( and pay special atencion to that while watching conference! Speaking of General Conference, I want you to ask everyone if they have invited at least 2 people to listen to the full time missionaries since the last conference. And if they haven't invite them to repent, and to do it! There has to be unity between the missionaries and the members, because like it says in DyC 88:72 ( that the Lord will apressurar (don't remember how to say that in English) his work in his own time. and The prophet has said that the time has come. 
  I love this work, I love Mexico, I love Jesus Christ, and I love you Dad. 
 Elder Zundel

"some buds"

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