Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

That is really cool that Caleb could get some time in, what grade is he in? (Caleb Jensen playing basketball) Good to hear that Dust feels good about the interview I will continue to pray for him! Could you get me in for the hunt that is just a little futher south, where is Jason going to put in for?  
Good to hear that Hundley has an eye for gold! He is a funny guy, I can't wait to talk to him!. Oh that is really nice of grandma, should I take it out? ($50) I still have not recieved a package with the card in it. 
  Okay so last week I kind of messed up I am in Matamoros Tijauna so you can look that one up on the internet paps. Well we can say that I miss my bike and flat ground, back to walking up mountains all day... there are a lot more people here in TJ than in San Luis and a lot more people yell at us in English it is pretty funny, really the only ones that know English are the druggies because they got kicked out of the states. I do miss my old area because we really had things going there this week they had 13 people in church, and I come here and we had 5 or so,  it is time to get some work done here and help people come unto Christ! 
So we kind of have to take care of some member that is in a wheelchair, he has very little movement in his arms and legs but is fine mentally. We take him food and dump his waste bucket in the toilet, and this Saturday gave him a bath. I just tell myself for everytime we change the poo bucket that my wife will be that much more beautiful for the service.  
Then we contacted a lady and were talking to her and she has two little boys who are not all the way there and she went to get one of them and the other peed on me, so that was another great moment. But we are cantacting a ton of people and trying to find the chosen people, we found people last week but they are not the kind of people who progress so we have to keep searching. 
Love you paps.
 Love your baby boy, 
Elder Zundel
Elder Hadley, Jared Whitworth's friend 
February 16, 2015

I am back in Tijuana! in a ward called Matemodos, in an area called Florido it has a lot of hills and yup looks like Tijuana. 
We usually do not recieve travel stuff until the last or almost the last transfer. Well hopefully all of the stuff with UVU works out but if not I guess God didn't want it to. We do not have American banking here so I am not sure how all of that will work about the card I guess I will have to wait and see. 
  Okay so the leadership work is all by asignments none of them are callings, we all have the same authourity and there are no keys other than president. the AP's work with pres and are over the zone leaders the zone leaders are over the district leaders and they usually have 2 or 3 districts in a zone, then the district leads or over the missionaries. you are given the responsability from pres and it comes at transfers.
 That is cool that they could take region that has not happened for a while. hopefully they make a good run at state! The hurnia is alright sometimes it is sore but nothing terrible it bulges just a little but has not seemed to get worse for a long time. I am pretty healthy and pretty dang tired! especially with transfers... but I will be back in the rythm quickly. Alright that is okay with the hunt what ever you think is best will be fine. There is lots of things to think about in the future but for now there is work to do!! I love you paps, 
 Elder Zundel
 I will let you know more aobut the ward next week.

Okay I will have my eyes out for the package. YEAH I got the package and I loved it! I love getting the little letters from everyone that was for sure my favorite part.
 I got transfered and I am with Elder Covey he is from Pocatello, Idaho he has a little less time than me in the mish a good kid as I can see we will see how the transfer goes. I am back in tijuana so that is pretty cool back to walking up and down hills all day! should be fun! I love you mom.
 Elder Zundel

Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 9, 2015

Well here it has hit high 80's That is REALLY hot for February!!! My mom is looking great! (pictures from dad and mom hiking) I sure do miss going camping, the buds that I have made here are the camping type of people so that will be cool, maybe some summer we will camp like Casey did ha. Speaking of pine trees and walking through deep brush, Jason wrote me about the Deer Tag, what do you say you put me in for that one! I don't know I think it would be a lot of fun to go up with the crew on the Muzz! but I believe I would do a lot more brushing than rack riding! But talk to Jason a little and see what he thinks about rifle or muzzle loader. Hey if that is easy to do, taking and sending picutes on your phone you should do it a lot more! they get here fine and I can open them up big and everything. So like when you have the get togethers just take a couple of picutes to send to me!! por favor. I will keep dust in my prayers!! 

    Well this week was a good one!! we had the baptism of Omar and Heidi!!
baptism of Omar and Heidi
so that was really awesome, and the other Elders had the baptism of the son in law of Lily, her husband is Efrain he was less active for 25 years or so and he has a couple different kids who are not members, his brother is a mission President in Ojo de Agua, I think, and in the baptism of his son they had him on skype so that was pretty cool! also his brothers are bishops here in San Luis and members of the presidencia of the stake, and I believe that they all like me a lot! because I helped him get back, that is an awesome feeling!!! 
Son of Efrain
  So this Thursday in the night I went on splits with Elder Hadley which was really nice just to be able to talk,  he is really down to earth and has a lot of cool stories ha.
Elder Hadley and I

Anyways we were at his house planning for the next day and we get a call saying that we had to switch the sisters houses for the night. Going back in time to that morning, we went to their house to give a blessing to one of the sisters to cast out a demon type of blessing. So now back to the story, so one of the sisters hermana #1 had been having wierd things happening to her, and another hermana, hermana # 2 had been seeing weird things happening to hna 1 and hna 2 was just acting really wierd, and continues to act a little different. so we slept in the house of the sisters where we used to live, and one of the comps slept in Hadleys house and the other comp in the house of a member. so that was quite the adventure!  
  The Zone is starting to do a lot better which is really good and makes me happy, but i believe that this will be my last week here in San Luis and I will be heading out of here. So we will see where I write you from next week!
 I love you paps, 
 your baby boy!

HOLA mommy! Everything is going well here in Mexico! We had a pretty busy week this week which is always good! I will get more details on dads email. umm That sounds like a good Idea to head down there to the bear river haha! I love the story of Coop and his prayer that is awesome! 
 In your talk you could talk about the glory of God to bring to pass the inmortality and eternal life of man. or in other words our salvation and Exaltation. Exaltation comes within the family, but that is only half of the work of God the other half is salvation and that is where the callings and visiting teaching, and missionary work come in. 

(number for Watts mom, sunny watts 8017358698)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 2, 2015
An old comp, Elder Alanis

Patriots take another one, dang tommy he knows how to throw it. I thought about the get together while my stomach was growling fasting during priesthood. Yeah a lot is going on, but it would still be going on if I was back home so might as well be where the Lord wants me to be. I got to know Sarah she is a nice lady. (on Sarah's mother passing away)
  I will get you the number of the parents of Elder Watts so you guys can get all of that worked out. That is awesome that you invited Ed, to bad that he did not accept, but hopefully things like that will start to soften his heart. 
  Well this week has gone a little bit better we were able to find some new people and a lot of them are really cool. On Saturday we were outside of these apartments teaching some people when a 18 year old girl comes out and says you guys look boring ha, in Ingles, so we talked to her for a little bit and she had a ton of great questions for us, so we put a return date for her and to meet her mom and sister and we went back Sunday night and the lesson was awesome! She had read a ton in the Book of Mormon and had a lot more questions for us, and all three accepted baptismal dates, and at the end she says I will go to your church on Sunday, without us saying anything about it, so that was really cool.
  Also this week that is coming we will have the baptism of Omar and Heidi so that will for sure be the highlight of the week, they are both sure about it now so that will be good! Poor ol Elder Hadley got robbed this week, haha, but nothing has happened to us so no worries.
cutting Omar's hair
 I love you paps, 
Love Elder Zundel

I have not yet gotten the package, she said that she did not go last week and that she is going to go today or tomorrow and then I would imagine that it will be there. Yeah that is crazy... I will be giving you a hug before you know it! 
Okay for housing I will get you the number of them and see whats up. I think they have kind of the hook ups because they live down there and everything, but who knows,  I think they were talking about living in Provo who knows I just said ok cause I dont know anything about down there.
  Well we made cinnomon rolls and they did not come out quite so good.... I don't think we gave it enough time to rise so the bread wasn't all that great, but oh well we had a good time doing it. 
That is awesome that three families are listening to the missionaries! and that is really cool about the young man bearing his testimony I think that is awesome!!
 I believe that I only have 2 weeks left here in this area and I am out. I will give you a whats up with dads letter. Ha, that is cool that you could talk with him. (Elder Dennison returning home)
  Well mother I love you so very much.
 Elder Zundel

January 26, 2015

  Well this week did not quite go as planned... Our baptism that was supposed to happen well it didn't. The girls mom did not give her permision to be baptized so that kinda sucked... but I have faith that her heart will be softened and that all will be well. Then on Wednesday I got a call that I had to go to Tijuana on Friday so that took a day and a half out of workin in my area. But on the way to Tijuana the bus driver pulled over on the side of the road and says I have hunger anyone that wants tacos we got 20 minutes, haha I thought that was pretty funny.
Our bus stopped on the way to Tijuana because the bus driver was hungry

Elder Lindley on the bus and from the MTC
  Today we went and did a service project for a lady who's house burned down.. that was pretty sad but we got a lot done and cleaned up a lot and got all of the bricks ready for some men in the ward that are in constuction so they will come in and do all of that work during the week.

Service on the burned down house

a burned cat at the house

We should be having one baptism for sure this week and maybe another one. It is Omar and his wife,  he is sure but she is not quite sure right now so she will get an answer to her prayers and then she will be ready.
 I have been looking for some fishing poles here becuase there is a big canal that me and Elder Hadley are going to go fishing in next Monday so I am looking forward to that! 
I am for sure going to take Caseys advice and change things up in these weeks we have to do something different and we will see results,  I think in December my district baptized the most in the mission then we went way down in January so we have to remember what we had done in November to have that success. Things are well! Oh I was thinking and I probably want to wait until I start school to get the Hernia fixed up so that I can have some fun for a week or two then get the surgery done on a weekend right after school starts. 
  I love you paps! Love Elder Zundel 

 Oh Corn is doing very well right now I think he just bought himself a pretty new GMC Sierra and it looks very good!  LOVE You and all of my family, I got the best one in the world!!!

So Elder Hadley is the one that was Jared's freind? That is awesome! he is a really good kid I like him a lot. We had a good time on the interchanges, I bought him some tacos so that was cool.
  That made me laugh pretty hard what Kolt said about the monkey hahah. I have an awesome family!
 That is really good that you could support the Thortons, really I have seen that so much here in Mexico that people don't do visits, or they do not feel the support of the ward and they go less active and it is really sad, really they shouldn't go less active for that, but if the people would do what they are supposed to and visit people then that kind of stuff would not happen. I have really seen how important the home teaching is.
  The Lily family was sick last week so we are going to do it tonight and I will let you know how that goes.  I have not gotten the package yet but I will let you know when I get it. when did you send it? 
Well I am gong to write paps and tell him how the week went.
Love you Mom,
 Elder Zundel