Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 23, 2015

That is really cool that Caleb could get some time in, what grade is he in? (Caleb Jensen playing basketball) Good to hear that Dust feels good about the interview I will continue to pray for him! Could you get me in for the hunt that is just a little futher south, where is Jason going to put in for?  
Good to hear that Hundley has an eye for gold! He is a funny guy, I can't wait to talk to him!. Oh that is really nice of grandma, should I take it out? ($50) I still have not recieved a package with the card in it. 
  Okay so last week I kind of messed up I am in Matamoros Tijauna so you can look that one up on the internet paps. Well we can say that I miss my bike and flat ground, back to walking up mountains all day... there are a lot more people here in TJ than in San Luis and a lot more people yell at us in English it is pretty funny, really the only ones that know English are the druggies because they got kicked out of the states. I do miss my old area because we really had things going there this week they had 13 people in church, and I come here and we had 5 or so,  it is time to get some work done here and help people come unto Christ! 
So we kind of have to take care of some member that is in a wheelchair, he has very little movement in his arms and legs but is fine mentally. We take him food and dump his waste bucket in the toilet, and this Saturday gave him a bath. I just tell myself for everytime we change the poo bucket that my wife will be that much more beautiful for the service.  
Then we contacted a lady and were talking to her and she has two little boys who are not all the way there and she went to get one of them and the other peed on me, so that was another great moment. But we are cantacting a ton of people and trying to find the chosen people, we found people last week but they are not the kind of people who progress so we have to keep searching. 
Love you paps.
 Love your baby boy, 
Elder Zundel
Elder Hadley, Jared Whitworth's friend 

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