Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 9, 2015

Well here it has hit high 80's That is REALLY hot for February!!! My mom is looking great! (pictures from dad and mom hiking) I sure do miss going camping, the buds that I have made here are the camping type of people so that will be cool, maybe some summer we will camp like Casey did ha. Speaking of pine trees and walking through deep brush, Jason wrote me about the Deer Tag, what do you say you put me in for that one! I don't know I think it would be a lot of fun to go up with the crew on the Muzz! but I believe I would do a lot more brushing than rack riding! But talk to Jason a little and see what he thinks about rifle or muzzle loader. Hey if that is easy to do, taking and sending picutes on your phone you should do it a lot more! they get here fine and I can open them up big and everything. So like when you have the get togethers just take a couple of picutes to send to me!! por favor. I will keep dust in my prayers!! 

    Well this week was a good one!! we had the baptism of Omar and Heidi!!
baptism of Omar and Heidi
so that was really awesome, and the other Elders had the baptism of the son in law of Lily, her husband is Efrain he was less active for 25 years or so and he has a couple different kids who are not members, his brother is a mission President in Ojo de Agua, I think, and in the baptism of his son they had him on skype so that was pretty cool! also his brothers are bishops here in San Luis and members of the presidencia of the stake, and I believe that they all like me a lot! because I helped him get back, that is an awesome feeling!!! 
Son of Efrain
  So this Thursday in the night I went on splits with Elder Hadley which was really nice just to be able to talk,  he is really down to earth and has a lot of cool stories ha.
Elder Hadley and I

Anyways we were at his house planning for the next day and we get a call saying that we had to switch the sisters houses for the night. Going back in time to that morning, we went to their house to give a blessing to one of the sisters to cast out a demon type of blessing. So now back to the story, so one of the sisters hermana #1 had been having wierd things happening to her, and another hermana, hermana # 2 had been seeing weird things happening to hna 1 and hna 2 was just acting really wierd, and continues to act a little different. so we slept in the house of the sisters where we used to live, and one of the comps slept in Hadleys house and the other comp in the house of a member. so that was quite the adventure!  
  The Zone is starting to do a lot better which is really good and makes me happy, but i believe that this will be my last week here in San Luis and I will be heading out of here. So we will see where I write you from next week!
 I love you paps, 
 your baby boy!

HOLA mommy! Everything is going well here in Mexico! We had a pretty busy week this week which is always good! I will get more details on dads email. umm That sounds like a good Idea to head down there to the bear river haha! I love the story of Coop and his prayer that is awesome! 
 In your talk you could talk about the glory of God to bring to pass the inmortality and eternal life of man. or in other words our salvation and Exaltation. Exaltation comes within the family, but that is only half of the work of God the other half is salvation and that is where the callings and visiting teaching, and missionary work come in. 

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