Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January 26, 2015

  Well this week did not quite go as planned... Our baptism that was supposed to happen well it didn't. The girls mom did not give her permision to be baptized so that kinda sucked... but I have faith that her heart will be softened and that all will be well. Then on Wednesday I got a call that I had to go to Tijuana on Friday so that took a day and a half out of workin in my area. But on the way to Tijuana the bus driver pulled over on the side of the road and says I have hunger anyone that wants tacos we got 20 minutes, haha I thought that was pretty funny.
Our bus stopped on the way to Tijuana because the bus driver was hungry

Elder Lindley on the bus and from the MTC
  Today we went and did a service project for a lady who's house burned down.. that was pretty sad but we got a lot done and cleaned up a lot and got all of the bricks ready for some men in the ward that are in constuction so they will come in and do all of that work during the week.

Service on the burned down house

a burned cat at the house

We should be having one baptism for sure this week and maybe another one. It is Omar and his wife,  he is sure but she is not quite sure right now so she will get an answer to her prayers and then she will be ready.
 I have been looking for some fishing poles here becuase there is a big canal that me and Elder Hadley are going to go fishing in next Monday so I am looking forward to that! 
I am for sure going to take Caseys advice and change things up in these weeks we have to do something different and we will see results,  I think in December my district baptized the most in the mission then we went way down in January so we have to remember what we had done in November to have that success. Things are well! Oh I was thinking and I probably want to wait until I start school to get the Hernia fixed up so that I can have some fun for a week or two then get the surgery done on a weekend right after school starts. 
  I love you paps! Love Elder Zundel 

 Oh Corn is doing very well right now I think he just bought himself a pretty new GMC Sierra and it looks very good!  LOVE You and all of my family, I got the best one in the world!!!

So Elder Hadley is the one that was Jared's freind? That is awesome! he is a really good kid I like him a lot. We had a good time on the interchanges, I bought him some tacos so that was cool.
  That made me laugh pretty hard what Kolt said about the monkey hahah. I have an awesome family!
 That is really good that you could support the Thortons, really I have seen that so much here in Mexico that people don't do visits, or they do not feel the support of the ward and they go less active and it is really sad, really they shouldn't go less active for that, but if the people would do what they are supposed to and visit people then that kind of stuff would not happen. I have really seen how important the home teaching is.
  The Lily family was sick last week so we are going to do it tonight and I will let you know how that goes.  I have not gotten the package yet but I will let you know when I get it. when did you send it? 
Well I am gong to write paps and tell him how the week went.
Love you Mom,
 Elder Zundel

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