Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 19, 2015

Okay this is the P.O. box of my bishop here.
   Mirna Aeanguis : 874 S. main st. #14342 San Luis Arizona 85349
So you could send it there and I will get it real quick! but you would need to send it here pretty soon because I will probably be changed here pretty soon. (to send a package with food)
  I really like bars like granola bars, cliff bars, or fiber bars haha. and muddy buddies if you would like (home made). Really whatever you send I am more than happy to get candy is fine haha. 
  The husband of Lily is a member, now active and her daughter is one of our converts, so now they are members! They are pretty awesome. We have a family home evening with them tonight so that should be cool,  I am going to make the cinnamon rolls that McKell makes hmmm. 
  WOW that is interesting that all those people are getting married! crazy how grown up they are... oh and I sent a letter to the Jensen's today so it should get there quick so if you could give that to them por please. 
I Love you mom! I miss you a lot! 
Love your Elder Zundel

Woo lots of sports that I know nothing about ha. But that is good that Bro. Bell could get married, I would imagine he is excited about that. 
The reactivation is one of the area focuses in Mexico for 2015 so we will be working a lot with the less actives, the only problem is that we can not find them. We have a ward list and we can hardly find anyone. But we will keep on working at it. Well hopefully that can work out for the Leavitts. (new wedding) What grade is Peyton E. in? That is for sure one of the things that I miss a lot is the FHE with the fam, speaking of that chicken someone asked me last week what I wanted to eat this Wednesday and I said that! So hopefully it comes out of the oven like Grandmas!! Dust will be in my prayers for sure.
  Well keep on praying, things are not going all that great right now in the Zone, I don't know what it is though? The numbers are not bad, we are working hard and we are obedient.  I think that we have just gotten caught in the flow of things. We need to change it up a little bit get some new excitement about the work and we will be doing good once again. We should be having another baptism this week with Maria Picaso, a young woman that we have been teaching for a while. We were going to have a couple this week but a couple couldn't go to church this week for work, and they have to got to church the week before their baptism, so they should be getting baptized the next week. Well I hope all continues to go well! 
I love you, and all of the Fam. 
 Elder Zundel

This is an email sent to Jennifer Whitworth from a friend of Jared's serving in the Tijuana Mission. He went on splits with Elder Zundel. The following is a paragraph from that email:

We did 24 hr interchanges this week so i spent a day with our district leader (Elder Zundel) and had a lot of success. We taught very well together and he is a stud. He is from tremonton. We became good friends. Anyway, with him, we commited two to baptism and i was able to share probably my best message of my mission so far on the story of abinadi! Elder Zundel is a great teacher and i really felt like he taught by the spirit well. He had me teach a member how to teach what the book of mormon is which was really cool too.

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