Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Hello mommy I hope everything is going great and that you are enjoying yourself back at work! That is cool that they remembered me, makes me happy to hear!( Burton and Carla Johnson accidentally going to Tijuana!)
 That is so cool that they could get sealed to him ( George Woolley being sealed to his parents) I cant wait to be able to see some of the families that I have baptized get sealed! it will be so awesome!
I love you mom! so so much,.
 Elder Zundel

Transfers came and I am staying in the same area, which is alright for me I was expecting to go but am happy to stay! 
We couldn't have the baptism of Lily this week because she got sick but she will be baptized this Tuesday! So that will be cool.
They took Elder Watts out of the ward and his comp finished the mish, so they are going to bring in two brand new missionaries so I will have to show them the area this week and help them out a little bit.
Well the hernia is doing good, it has gotten worse since I noticed it but it is not that bad, I bought a bandage that is special for hernias this week so that was the money that came out of the card. That should help a lot and keep me from futher problems.
New Years was just normal we didn't have anything to great go on we just went and visited people and ate a lot! Speaking of Eating well 7 months left, so it is 7 to Sexy, now and time to go hard on the workouts. No  worries I will get home looking good!
  Sounds like a good time heading up to the Crawfords, but you could have come down to San Luis in the same time, come on paps. 
That is cool that they could have a good time of the baptism of Payton! Well this should e a year with a lot of good things happening in it! 
I love you paps.
 Elder Zundel

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