Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 29, 2014



Wow that was some pretty good stuff talking to all of you guys, see all of your faces and even cooler that Brad is engaged!!!
Yeah I will be a little sad when I get out of here but I always like a little change in it all. That is a real bummer that all of the little guys got sick and that Bridg isn't feeling all that good, I hope she gets feeling better soon. Yeah I really do love the families that we have here! They are awesome!! We had a good time in our activity everyone ate good and had a good time I love the Christmas season, but now its over... till the next one.
I got your package! Thank you soo so much I really enjoy getting that, the bread was really good and gone!
  Okay so there is another Elder that is going to UVU when he gets home and he said that he is applied and accepted? I don't know all that much about all of it and I know that you will get everything figured out. I need all of the scholarships that I can possibly get!! I am a poor little white boy,  I am a townboy going to the city mom it might rock my world... and I have to buy a car... But that will all come when it comes for now the lords work right!
   So this week I am really excited because we will have the baptism of Lily she is the lady with the dream and the miscarriage. The family is so excited and I am so excited, I am planning on going to San Diego in one year to see them get sealed:) We are going to have another chill week because Pres. said that we are not gong to work on Saturday so that is kind of rough on the teaching and finding. We also had to change houses because the sister missionaries did not feel safe in their house so we are going there this week and we will be looking for another new house, but I think I will be leaving after this week so its like, whatever. 
Well Mom If youare on write me back right now.
 I love you so so much tell Grandma thanks for the letter and also thanks to the Hess's for the letter really nice of them! Love,
 Elder Zundel!
PS I think you can continue sending packages to me 

Talking to everyone was so awesome!! All of the little kids have grown so much! that will be really cool to see them. Well I will be praying that you don't get sick, but not so much for your sake but for moms beacuse I know it has to be rough on her. No my comp was not with me either day..The christmas pary was awesome I will get you fotos here shortly actually I will send a lot of fotos so that is why this will be short. Well she might kinda have the hots but she goes home next week so adios! (a sister missionary, ha ha) That is cool that Chris and Shawn came down! Tell them hello for me and that I love them. 
 I still got a lot left to go, but there will be no slowing down.
 I love you paps.
 Elder Zundel! 

We has a little carne asada with this guy the day after Christmas, he is an investigator of Elder Watts

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Carne Asada

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