Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December 15, 2014
Maria de Jesus


That is really sad that G Huff Passed away, but he will be resting now. Yeah so I think I will be Doing a face time thing so you need to make sure that you have an account for that so that I can call you on that I will just use the persons that has the IPad. The Hernia is doing well, I haven't gotten the package yet and I am not sure when it will be here? Yeah that does worry me a little bit about the UVU ACT thing, who knows what I will do about that, but yes I would like you to look a little bit more into that. But I will work on my work here and let you work on that stuff back home. Finish strong dang straight! We got a lot of work to get done so I will be writing you again next week I love you mom! 
 Elder Zundel

Old MTC comp

Things are going well here in Mex. There is no snow here either tough luck huh.. Well good thing you could get a good use out of my inheritance,  hope someone enjoys the 20 bucks. That is awesome that Coop won! and that is cool that Payton is moving up that will help him a lot!
  For Christmas we will be face timing home! that will be a lot better because the connection is better. Yeah who knows what they were thinking, but now we put the bikes inside the house so I really hope nobody thinks that they need then very bad. Yeah that is really crazy that people are going to be heading home, and soon it will be me! Did you guys get the letters that I sent? 

 Things are going well in the mish we have people that we are teaching people going to church and have dates for every week! this trasfer is coming up pretty soon and I am pretty excited because I will be leaving but who knows where? I will have a couple of pics here for you right now! I love you paps.
 Elder Zundel    

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