Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Okay so I had a pretty cool experience this week! I don't know if you remember about a young woman we are teaching named Daniela, her father is less active and her mom is not a member. Well anyway we go to her house on Saturday and it is just her and her mom there so we go in and start talking, asking about their week, then I asked if we could start the lesson with a prayer and the mom was pretty excited to hear the lesson, which was kinda wierd. She has always listened to us but never really wanted to commit to anything, anyway we say the prayer and we ask them how they are doing with their reading and prayers, so after the daughter responds we ask the mom and she says I always do my prayers every day then she starts telling us a story about a dream she had.
  And this is how it goes. She was with her family and everywhere she went they were by her side, and they didn't talk but they could communicate through thought, she said that they all felt a peace and happiness that was awesome. Then they went outside in the yard, but she didn't feel scared, then a wind came and hit them and they asked what was that, because it made them feel good, and it happened again, so they asked again what was that, then she said a voice came from the heavens and says do you still doubt? and the way that she described the voice was it was a strong voice but passive something that penetrated to her heart. Then her dream continues and more cool stuff happens, sorry only have an hour to write.. ..but after we open up to 3 Nephi 11,  and as she read verse three when it describes the voice of the Lord in the exact same words that she said the tears rushed down her face, the spirit was so strong, so she accepted a baptismal date for the 27th of December! 
  And Also Maria de Jesus also had an anwer to her prays in a dream so she is for sure getting baptized, I don't know if you remember that she was having some troubles deciding if she wanted to do if for sure. Other than that the week was pretty normal nothing outo of the norm. For my birthday just some good ol pizza at night of my birthday and for thanksgiving.

 Things are going well. 
I love you paps Hope you have a great week in the gym because you will need it!
Elder Zundel

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