Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014

That sound like a good weekend watching some good football! Last Thanksgiving in the mission... what! No we will probably not be eating turkey... and they don't have Swanson here... so pizza will do. I am having a good time, things are going very well right now, I am living in the same house as one of my best buds, that I will probably go to college with. Just got a new comp who is American so that will be cool! and life is good! Right now I am District leader, it just makes me worry, ha, how to help the other missionaries have success and give them enthusiam, but it is a good to learn how to lead a little in the church. The reason that they can't send food is for the boarder, I guess that there can be problems crossing the American products, but if you ever want to send something that has food after Christmas you can send it here to Mexico. 
  Should be a good weekend with the shopping! my comp right now is good, I will let you know if there is someone that could use something. 
  So this week was good, we put a baptism date with a family and they seem like they will progress well, and we have a couple of other people with dates right now that are pretty solid, Maria now has a date in a couple of weeks and we are going to baptize a young woman that is really cool, and she can sing like Fergie, pretty cool! I got to go to work. 
Love you paps.
 your baby boy!! 

Wow! Thanksgiving, maybe we will order a pizza to celebrate or something haha. Yeah I know soon I will be talking to you on skype sweet! So the trasfers were today, my comp left and I got another comp named Elder Molano he is from Pennsylvania, he has a little over a year in the mission and I don't know much else about him, he is a big guy. 
Okay so I just want you to apply me for UVU and USU those two and that's it. Yes I got your package!! thanks a ton! and I got a package from Wendi and Mckell! Tell them thanks a ton also!! hey I open up the card that you sent me in the package waiting for it to say sometihng, ya know some works of encouragement, love, or advice and on the giant sheet of paper there is nothing.... how sentimental my parents are haha. (mom is going to send a nice encouraging note!)
 I like to hear how the little guys are doing and great to hear they are doing well. 
I know this work is the work of God and that His Son leads and guides us. 
I love you mother .
 your favorite kid!!

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