Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October 27, 2014

Mother I love you so! I am going to write a long letter to dad because I don't have much time at all this week to write I had to come to Tijuana and I will need to use my credit card to get back to San luis tomorrow just a heads up. like 25 dollars. I got the package from Lisa Tell her so much thanks and that I love her!!!!! 
I love you mom.
 Elder Zundel

Well Father things are going great here! and sounds like things are going very well back home. Get me a picture of Jason's deer!! Sounds like an awesome idea for missionary work in the ward. 
   Okay so I commented a little bit about the family that we baptized last week (i forgot my camera so I will sent pictures next week) but I love them! They are so loving and they love us! It was awesome to be able to baptize them! Now we have to keep them active. So that was the highlight of the week.  
Here are a couple of pics from our baptism from last last week! Familia Guevara

We had a pretty crazy experience too. So we went Saturday morning to visit Maria de la Luz she is a lady we are teaching and will get baptized here soon. She wasn't home... but we heard someone greeting in the house in front of her. Turns out there was a really old lady like 150 or so with her daughter, who was handicapped, in there house and the old lady was yelling to have her move something. So we yelled in there and got her attention and she yells back "Tell the lady in front to make us some food we haven't eaten in 2 days". So we explained that the lady, Maria, wasnt there. So she says "Oh what am I going to do"... So Elder Canche and I jumped her fence and walked in her house and yelling in her ear, because after 120 people don't hear, asked her if she wanted that we make her food. She agreed so we went back in her kitchen and made up some eggs and wienies and some oatmeal. haha a pretty crazy experience. 
  Alejandra and her brother Alan are progressing really well both of them will be baptized in November!! Things are going well here, um I think that I could use some nutty butters. My shoes are doing alright right now because we are on bikes so we hardly walk. I had to go to Tijuana last night, and I will be heading back to San Luis tomorrow so I will have to buy the ticket to get back for about 25 $ I love you paps Love Elder Zundel!!! 
(Oh I could use some Garment bottoms too like two.)

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