Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 3, 2014

Well something that I have learned from the Mexican people is that you have to use every opportunity you have to have a fiesta!  
  I would Imagine that all of the little guys are really cute, and real grown up! They will be a lot different by the time I get back! I am excited to get these little gifts from the little guys. How many contacts did you send me, hope just for 6 months cause I think that is all I will need. Thanks for sending the school stuff that will be nice to look over. Yeah it is really cooling down here in these last 3 days, still pretty warm during the day but cool at night. 
I had to go to Tijuana for a meeting and for visa stuff. Life is on the free way just a cruzin along! 
Really President Thurgood hit it on the nail, we have to have the spirit with us to protect us from the Physical and Spiritual dangers of the world and to help us spread the light that we have. 
Love you mother!!! 
 Elder Zundel

Jay bird, Well there isn't much to see here in San Luis Rio Colorado, El rio pues no tiene agua.(for sight seeing) I will see if I can get someone to take us to the dunes, well I think there are some dunes here close. That does make me feel good that people care about me! 
  My comp Elder Canche is a many of few dreams, well just not sure of what he wants to study when he gets back home. He does have plans to further his education and to have a nice job and all of that good stuff. I believe he comes from a family that is not rich nor poor just normal. I would imagine that he will like in Campeche for all of is life he seems to like it a lot! 
 Yeah thats alright when you want to put stuff on facebook have at it! That is cool that you guys got some good seats at the Jazz game some pretty cool stuff! I really do love Monday as well I love hearing from you, Hey I would Imagine that you took some pitures during halloween, send them my way! 
  Well this week I was out of my sector for 3 and a half days... that is a lot of time out of your area. I went to Tijuana until Tuesday night, then I went and did enterchanges with a place called Ciudad Morelos, so that was kind of rough not having a lot of time in my area. But we are right back in it. We have a lot to do this week, really we have to focus on finding new people to teach so that we can baptize every week! 

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