Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

The Zone

Dang, that is really sad news.... (Tracy Hoskins accident) Yeah not much of bad weather, but I did have to put on a sweater this morning to go out side cause it was a little chilly. That is awesome that you could reactivate someone that sometimes is harder than having a baptism! 
Haha that is pretty funny that River got called to the same mish really cool actually! 
I love the little Redd boys,  I love all of my nephews and nieces! 
Yeah the Patriarch and Stake Pres. talked in our ward this last week and it was really good! they talked about blessings of coarse. 
  We had a wonderful week, three more children of God walked into the waters of baptism this week I will try to get some pics over to ya.

The Lord is blessing us mucho! this will be the last week of this transfer so next week I will be with a new comp. That is crazy that some of the buds are going home!! 
  Yeah I got some buds taht are thinking about UVU and I think it would be a good idea, I would love if you could apply me to UVU and To USU... but the dead line is coming up soon.. like December something. 

 another thing,  I need picturs of Grandpa Z and Pete and one of grandma Pete and the rest of the 4 gereracions also. It can be a pic from whatever age they don't have to be old. 
 Love you mommy!

Hey paps, things are going well this fine day! Yeah really chill up there in the north. I get to write some buds in the time we have to write so that is really nice. Like Corn, Riley, and others. Oh I am pretty excited to eat some good ol' roast beast. 
  That would be really nice to have a ward mission leader that new how to work well,  ours is an awesome guy and is willing to do anything that we ask but he does not know how to work on his own, so that is kind of rough, seems like that is how the whole ward is they are willing to work but don't know how.  Look up on the internet a trip to hawaii about the obra misional,  I think it would be a good idea.
 I have heard a little bit about the problames that are going on right now but most of that is down south, and things are really calm where we are at. 
  So today was full of stuff to do cut the hair, buy food, eat, and clean seems like we don't do much else on Pdays. But this week went very well Like I told mom we had three baptisms so that was for sure the highlight of the week, and we will have a nother one this week so thats pretty cool! This week we went by this family Saturday night to teach them the first two priciples of lesson 2 and the sabbath day so I got done teaching about the sabbath and the lady just says yeah! so wheres the church at? Ha it was pretty cool,  even cooler that she was there on Sunday! We are going to have a family home evening with a family today so that should be some good stuff we will be invinting them to baptisms! really everything is going well, we will have to see where I write you from next week, I think I will stay here, my comp has 6 months in this area so he is bound to go. 
Thanks for all of your support.
 I love you! 
 Elder Zundel

Elder Zundel and Elder Watts

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