Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 13, 2015

HELLO! that is really good that Hess got home good and that he is a good young man! Yeah that is pretty cool that Jeff and Lisa went to get Riley!! (in Italy) I bet they are having a real good time. 
But time is going by really fast, I thought that this last month would go by slow, but did I think wrong! Really I have a lot of mixed feelings about going home. I know that I will miss all of the mission experiences and the way that I am living my life right now, but I feel like I need to progress more and that I can not progress more here. So I am pretty excited to get home and see yall! 
Reading the Scriptures

  Things have continued to go well in the work of the Lord we had 14 people in church this week and we are still hoping to complete our goal of at least 10 baptisms in July, we had one this week!! We are hoping for another this week and 9 or 10 for the next week!!! so that will be really exciting!
umm well I think that going to the dentist and eye doc is a good idea for while I am in recovery, but how I am pretty much made of steel, I will not need that much time to recover! 
Yeah you better ask Don about when I will do the service so that we can do that before the surgery!!(for the Nucor scholarship)
 I am loving this work, it never gets old haha! 
I love you paps, 
Elder Zundel

Chuey and his girlfriend's family

My new comp, Elder Rawlings

the last district

Leader Mission, Jonathan
Mexican Food

Elder Vera a bud from  the mish
Maria y Melissa
fam of Servando (that called mom)

Manuel and his family

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 6, 2015

Well it looks like you guys had a great time at the pick nic! (copied dad's oops) as usual. Yeah paps you best as well throw in the towel. There is a guy in our ward that is an ex pro boxer, he has some really fast hands! and he is 51 and still in pretty dang good shape! We are going in the mornings and doing a little box with his nephew that is fun!
   I know this is the true chruch, and that Christ is at the Head of it! 
Wow that is pretty crazy that everyone is heading home... yeah I will be there pretty soon! That made me laugh to hear about Nash jumping off and belly flopping haha, I believe that I got a lot of your genes in me cause I was pretty worried all week about that family and all of those little guys in the water.
   Well the work here is going pretty good. My comp and I are working harder than snott and loving every minute, we are so tired!!! We will have a baptism this week and from here on out we will be having one or more every week!! that makes me pretty excited. We found a family and they are really cool it is a single mom Luz, and her 3 kids; Freddy, Brandon and Rosi. They are really cool, so we taught them lesson one and invited them to church and they were down! So we were at church waiting for them and then never got there, then at the end of Sacrament Meeting they come walking in, they told us that they went to the wrong church and they asked if the two white kids went to that chruch and they said oh yeah come sit down and they will be here in a minute... the two white kids never showed up haha but they got to the church and are progressing really well. We also have a couple other families that are progressing and we are hoping to baptize more than 10 in July and if we do that then Pres will take us to the temple!!! 
I went to the dr. today and she gave me some pills to go to the bathroom so hopefully that will help!!! and she checked the hernia and it is alright as long as it does not cause pain something that we already new. 
Well Paps I love you, 
Elder Zundel

Hi mom, well it continues to be hot and things continue to go well with all of the investigators, well almost all of them.. we have a big family that we are teaching and we were not able to find then all week... they did go to a Relief Society meeting and the bishops wife said that they loved it but we could never see them, we called them on Sat. night and they said that they were going to go to the church, but they went to a party Saturday night and didn't get up for church. We are going to pass by with them today and see whats up, but we are pretty sure that all is well..
 I am drinking a lot of water and trying to keep in  the shade. I love you mom.
 Elder Zundel

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

This is the return itinerary for the missionary, Elder Kyle Jay Zundel, from the Mexico Tijuana Mission,

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Booking ref:
13 May 2015
Kyle Jay Zundel
50 East North Temple St
801 240-5111
Tuesday 04 August 2015
Delta Air Lines DL 2295
04 August 10:09 AM
San Diego International (+)
Terminal: 2
04 August 01:00 PM
Salt Lake City Salt Lake City Intl (+)
Terminal: 2
01:51 (Non stop)
Booking status
Economy (X)
Baggage allowance
24E confirmed for Kyle Jay Zundel
Ticket details
E-ticket DL 006-7621795320 for Kyle Jay Zundel

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