Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 12, 2015

Okay so we were in our really big house and it was really nice and everything then the sisters got a bike robbed and they didn't feel safe in their house, so we changed them houses. Then a week later we found another house that is better and in our area so we are now there. It is right behind the house of one of my converts work and he works in a Japanese food place it is like a Hogi Yogi, so he gave us free food on Sunday night! 
  We had the baptism of Lily this week on Tuesday and it was awesome, my favorite baptism that I have had!

Their family is awesome! We will be making a trip back to San Diego in a year to visit them in the temple.
Sunset before the baptism of Lily

 We are also teaching a young couple that have gone to the church a couple of times and they are progressing well right now, it took us a while to get them going in it all but now they have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and are going to church! They are the Familia Soto! We are also teaching a young woman named Maria she is pretty awesome, nobody else in her family wants anything to do with us so she goes to church by herself and has read to alma in about a month an a half so that is pretty dang good, she will be baptized the end of January with the Familia Soto. We also have another young woman who we are teaching she has not been to the church for a while but has told us that she wants to be baptized because she knows the Book of Mormon is true, and her cousin also knows and wants to be baptized but her mom won't let her... this girls name is Estefania. Well there is a rundown of our progressing investigators, I was looking yesterday at church and from the help of the Lord and the comps that I have had we have brought 15 people to the church being new converts or reactivted members, so that was pretty awesome to see. Really the Lord is pushing his work forward!! There is a lot to do.
 Sad to hear about Sister Baird. (recent breast cancer diagnosis) 
You guys should have a good time at the championship game and might loose that sixpack... I have been going pretty hard on the workouts and am kinda watching what I am eating a lot of the time it is not our choice what we eat thoug. But all is well in Mexico, I hope everything continues well with you and all of the family!
 I love you! Love,
 Elder Zundel

WHOA that is here pretty dang quick! (Elder Dennison coming home) Well I wrote dad a big long letter so take a looksy at that.  I love to hear that you guys are not dead the work of salvation, and that you have never been dead, you are a great example to me of someone that gives service Thank you!
  You can send a package just to the normal address, but I am kinda on a diet haha so like bars are really good and I miss them... but really I am glad to recieve anything. 
I don't know if in the next family home evening you could have everyone write a little something on a little paper, I really like those:) 
I Love you MOM.
 Elder Zundel
We played volleyball the other day for PDay, I split my pants....

Chinese lanterns


This guy lost the gallon challenge and had to buy us burros

Mexican Christmas Tree

The buds

The Zone

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