Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

San Luis Rio Colorado

Well I am here like Lance Armstrong on my bike winning the Tour de France!  
my comp and i competing for the Tour de France

It is pretty dang hot here, but you think that stops us? No. Well this week has gone well we are working hard and trying to find new people. Well we did find some new people. but nobody went to church, even after passing by every one of them on saturday... we were pretty depressed. But then one lady stood up to give her testimony and she talked about the Atonement and the sacrament, and she talked about how the message that I shared with her enlightened her mind a little bit more and that she felt closer to her Savior by knowing him a little better. So that made me feel pretty good. So where I am at right now is pretty nice, well for sure the nicest area that I have been in. A couple of people here have A LOT of money. And I really like it cause all of the streets are square like at home so we can find houses really easily. The heat is pretty rough but nothing that a missionary can't handle. We live in a house with another pair of missionaries and that is fun I like it a lot! I am the only American.
the house

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Well I think I am going to have to use a little bit more money cause I have to buy drinks to drink during the day and the electric bill will be a lot more than in Tijuana. We do have A C but we only use it at night to save electricity. The area that we have is really pretty big. 

   Well hopefully the Bears will do well in region play so they can have a good seed in the playoffs. Good to hear that Krista is doing better, that would be a really tough loss for that family. Wow good work with ol' Russ Rose, good for you guys! 
Oh are they doing the activity for the Independence day of Mexico, we are going to have a big party here with the stake the next Friday, should be a fun deal! 
  Wow the Redds have grown a lot! I think that Nash has changed the most so far, and Mason is tall, well compared to Kolt. I would imagine that Nixon and Ivy will have changed the most by the time I get home. Well if you could start checking around that would be nice so I can have a couple of options when I get back. (on dad asking if he should be looking for a wife for him when he gets home)  No chubby I am not, just kinda normal. I am going to start working out good again so we will see how that goes. 
My comp is a good kid he is 20 and from Mexico I can't remember the state but it is down south. we get along really well and we are always having a good time together. We work hard and enjoy ourselves. 
  This week while studying in the Book of mormon I read in Enos and the fist couple of verses reminded me a lot of you. Thanks for all you do for me and the example that you always were for me. I love you and miss you.
 Elder Zundel
I am like a single mother....cook and clean

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