Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hey you know what third place is, the second looser, buckle down and try harder next time. Oh wait I will be there next time well you can be the fist looser. ( about dad taking 3rd place in the tomahawk throw) Wow I didn't know Grandpa had so many years... and lots to come!!! WOW college game day That is some fun stuff, Hopefully those Utah teams can put up some good competition this year. I am thinking that if I go to SUU I will try to walk on to the football team. Hope the bears can take it to the bees this year, I have no idea how good Box Elder is this year?? 
  That is a little scary about Krista, she will be in my prayers. Yeah I remeber CJ ha did you ever get her to go to the church? Ojala that the Reds and Zundels will pull out on top in this whole house thing sounds like a lot of work went into the whole deal. Good luck with the little guys be safe with them!  (on heading up to Willard Peak) 
NEW AREA, well not all that excited because in my last area I left behind 7 for sure baptisms... and I get here and we have 3 dates and I don't know how sure they are. But I am ready to get to work. So I am in San Luis Rio Colorado, and it is not part of the Baja California. I am in another state, Sanora! Dang it is hot here, I stepped off the bus and the hot air hit me right in the face! it will be over 100 pretty much every day here for a little while, and we are on bikes! So that means I will be loosing a little bit of weight I think. My comp is Elder Canche he is from Mexico he is going to turn 20 here pretty soon, I think he is a good guy dont know to much about him so far. We live with  another set of missionaries, so that will be fun! Well I will se what I can do about sending fotos! my old comp fixed my memory so that is really good! Well I will get you a good report on how the area is this next week.
 Love you paps.
 Elder Zundel!

Buenas Tardes, pues yo estoy muy bien estoy animado para esta traslado. Como estas mi bella madre?
  Well I only got the package of the books.... who knows what happened with the other ones??? Yes you are correct about the trasnfer and the comp I expained to dad about that. Well I went from kinda hot, to chillin in an hoven all day! it is so dang hot here, it is like st george or sometimes death valley here. Yeah Please Talk to Coach Park or to Morgan!!  Well good luck with school! how do you like working with Coach Chournos?? 
I don't have a ton of time to write because I had to take a 3 and a half hour bus ride to get here so Just know that I love you mom and that I pray for you every night! 
 Elder Zundel

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