Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 11, 2014

I really like chatting last week that was nice. Um I think I would rather have a book in Spanish so if you and paps could do a little research and find a book that explains the atonement that would be awesome! Sounds like you guys just keep on having fun! I would like to take a trip to Pineview.
  Who knows there are quite a few missionaries who are both American, so it could happen. Whats his name? I would imagine that the Sundays are getting pretty packed with farewells. Are Cooper and Payton still going to school in half Portugues? All of those little guys are growing up fast, no? 
  The Temple was Awesome! I love every hour that I got to spend on the American side, but even more Every single second that I was able to spend in the House of the Lord.
It was just a peace that can't be found in any other place on earth.
I don't think I will be able to go again while I am on the mission so we well have to put a date with the Salt Lake Temple for the 4th of August 2015! I don't think it would bother me if they switched me to serve in San Diego, it is so much nicer and cleaner and just smells better, but I will be alright here in Tijuana. 
  I did not get anything in the mail, probably won't get anything until the 29th of this month cause that is when we have a conference with the pres.
 I love you mom I pray for you always. 
 Elder Zundel

Well you say the the weather here is moderate, but it feels like more than 100 every day! by the way how are you liking your new phone? Can you do cool things with it with the computer? oh and good to hear that the computer is back in service. BACK TO THE WEATHER, lots of sweating going on here in Mexico, and that is not all that cool, but what else can one do about it. 
  Um you can send both of the books to me and I can give it to my comp, Well could you do me a little bit of research. Look online or whatever you want to do and find a book about the atonement that explains it very well por favor! oh and in Spanish. 
  Two a days wow Mckades mom says that he is pretty excited for the season. Not only hang with the boys walk all over them paps. Did you see the foto of the deer that Dusty is spotting? Quite a nice buck. All of the family looks like they are taking atvantage of the summer vacation. Make sure you take some pictures cause those are the highlights of the packages that I get. Well Jc told me that he knows a guy who cleans the dam and he says that there are fish as big as grown men, good luck. I will be living on the water for a couple of days I think in a year.
  I am almost sure that I will be home in time for school. Do you want me to talk to you about school or to mom about school? President is really cool I like him a lot. We had an interview the other day and it was more of a get to know you than an interview. 
 Well this week was a little slow with the missionary work because of how busy we were. Wednesday we had interviews, Thursday baptism,
and Saturday I went to the temple! So not bad but just not a ton of working. The Temple was AWESOME, so beautiful so pure and bright. Really there is no place like it.
So that was one of the highlights of the week the other one was the baptism that we had. So when I got here I found out that there was a kid who had not been baptized but his mom would never accept a visit with us. but I just kept on asking for her, kept on knocking. and finaly she just showed up at church. and she says, well I knew you wanted to talk to me. so a couple of weeks later her son was baptized! We have a couple more people here with dates to be baptized so hopefully we can get them to pull through and make covenants with the Lord. 
This work is great. You only harvest what you seed. 
I love you dad, 
 Elder Zundel

 How is Nick doing how much time does he have? tell him hi also.

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