Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 4, 2014

You guys flew to Cali? What? Well really it doesn't suprise me that you mostly just ate food while you were there, our family is good at that! Hey to bad that you guys are not there for this weekend... I am going to the San Diego temple! I am so excited!!! Don't worry I will take some good fotos and all. I am hoping to make a stop by In and Out too! 
Yeah you do like to do some people watching just wait a year and you can do it in the Salt Lake airport! hahaha the story about mom and them at the waters egde made me laugh pretty good! Wow Bridget has just got problem after problem poor girl. Hope she gets feeling better also. Hey so Corn told me that JC is working out to Vulcraft I said you sure its not bull crap but he said Vulcraft, have you seen him out there? he bought  himself  a new F150 . I agree with you 100% it is important to like what you do.
   I love what I do. There is no work better, more satisfying, or disapointing; like mission work. Everyday is important, there are thousands that pass on the street everyday that need what we know, they are missing something in their lives although they may not feel so, we have what will feel their soul with comfort and peace. and I love being an instrument that can help so that whole can be filled. 
  Well today for pday we are going to go to a steakhouse and eat till we can fit anymore food in our mouths, should be a good time. This last thursday we got to play soccer with some young men who are invstigating the church and that was really fun. It is good to have a friendship between us and our investigators and my comp  and I do that very well, it is awesome to got to know these people and their stories, and then watch the gospel transform their lives! Love you paps you are always in my prayers. 
 Elder Zundel
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July 28, 2014

BAM! Just like that! How lucky of a kid Rome Italy( Jardee Nessen's mission call) oh Tijuana City of Sodoma... Yeah it is that time to be heading off to the work of the Lord. I have not gotten any letters or packages from grandma so I think I will get in in our next conference which will be in a couple of weeks, I should get your package too. Don't worry I am not looking for a wife here, I got one waiting for me back home, I dont know who she is. But she is waiting!
   Well the work here in TJ is going well right now, we had an open house in the church and we recieved a couple of references so we are going to work with them and get them baptized here in a couple of weeks. I have been studying the atonement a lot during this week and it is amazing what our Redeemer has done and does for us. It kind of changed the way that I look and the atonement and how I can forgive others. 
   So during this week he had to recieve another Elder from another ward because his comp got sent home, so he is working with us for a little while. And well the other day we were going to teach a younger kid and we got to his house and he wasn't there, but his drunk mother was... so we went in to try to calm her down and ask when her son would be back. While we are talking she looks at the new comp and says, you are beautiful. Then looks at my normal comp and says where are you from? My comp says Peru, and she says ah those Peruanos are nothing but trouble, then she looks at me and says, but you are el mas guapo, then she went back and forth between the new comp and me deciding who she wanted to get married to, and at the end she gave a rose to the new comp and chose him. She says will you marry me? I will wait for you. hahahha it was so funny, but sad cause she was passing though some rough times in her life in that time. 
   She is a member less active, but she went to the church last week and when she got back she got in a fight with her husband and he lost respect for the fist time with her. She didn't undersand why God would let that happen, she is supposed to be blessed when she does the right thing. But what she doesn't understand is that we are blessed with these trials in our lives to use them in our benefit. I see this every day in the mission. We are obedient to the rules of the mission, we should be blessed with miracles and people begging to be baptized, but that is not how it is. Instead, people don't read the Book of Mormon, decide that the Mormon Church is not for them, and a whole lot more things. But these are tests, I can't let them get me disanimated, or diminish my faith in any form, because in that way satan wins and I get caught in his chains. There is not time to be disanimated, or discouraged. That is not why I am here. I am here to complete a mission that God has sent me to do. 
I love you mom.
 Elder Zundel
Have fun In Cali!!!

Well I dont have much time at all I wrote mom so take a look at that. To answer your question about how I will compete with Taylor y Julian, well I wont don't plan on getting married for some time I want to be stable before I make any big moves. 
I love you paps you are a great example to me. 
 Elder Zundel

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hey I don't have much time so I am only going to write you okay so here first is a Little letter to dad so you can share with him.
Wow 1000 bales with her own crew that sounds like quite the deal. It was always nice to see the Zundel family, not to often do we see them all. Oh high adventure camps the last one I went on was way fun with ol' Jeff Madsen, glad he talked me into going. I will be sure to keep Hno Rose in my prayers. ( he was asked to pray for a brother in our home ward)
Naw I will burn my shirt while it is on, I am a missionary, don't feel pain. OH speeking of which, all this week I have had Diarrhea, and the people here do not buy CHARMIN Ulta, that is rough on man.
Good for the Redd's and Zundel's hopefully they can make a little bit of money out of that. (the Thatcher house)
Oh mom and her pioneers haha she really is a keeper isn't she, could do a little more cooking but I will take her over any other. 
Ah don't worry about me paps I am lean and mean and a preaching machine!
   Well first off mom good to hear that the workout is coming along well, mine also is going well. I am looking gooooooooddd.
 Good to hear that the crew had a good time going to Lagoon, and good luck this week with Hundley and Norah. Where is Sadie going on her misión??? yeah it really is fast how fast the time has gone since grandma past away, it is kinda sad that I didn't spend very much time with her. I want that to be different with Grandma Pete and with Grandpa and Grandma Z, so I am going to be dedicaded to spend time with them.
  Well I am going to pass another transfer here in the same área with the same comp, and when they told us Satuday night I really was upset cause I want to get out of here. I will have one year in the misson and only 2 áreas, and two áreas really not that good, the members don't help us with refrences and not to great to work with so I was a Little disanimated about that, but I changed my mind last night cause my comp and I are going to start to baptize like Alma so it will be alright. This week was a normal week walk, teach, preach and contact. 
I miss you momma and love you more. 
 Elder Zundel

Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 14, 2014

Well this week has gone well. summer is going quick, well I guess don't really understand summer right now cause it will still be hot and I will be doing the same thing, so summer for me is when it is hot. 
Really 2 times on the boat really is not exceptable to be honest with you mom, really disapointed. Good to hear that you got up on the skis, one or two? Hey I was thinking the other day and I want to come home to see one hot mama! Okay so how are you doing with going to the gym. We talk a lot about the verificación here so I will be verifying with you how things are going with that.
  Normal large garments, I really can't think of anything that I need from home just letters and fotos. hey so my comp talked to president this week to ask if we could go to the temple and he says the San Diego Temple well I don't see why not. So I will ask presidente if I can go to the San Diego Temple the last week in July and we will meet up there. what do you say? haha
   Well in these weeks we have been teaching an athiest woman the gospel. When we fist got to her house she said that she didn't believe in anything but that it doesn't hurt to know more. So we have been teaching her the lessons and have been really good friends with her and her family. So with her being an athiest she didn't have a belief in God so she didn't know how to pray or any of that, so we have been focusing a lot in that the prayer and helping her get to know her Father in Heaven. So she told us the other day that she asked God a question before reading in her Book of Mormon and opened to a page and there in big letters was her answer to her question! Then the last lession that we had with her we were talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and talking about all of this and the tears began to run down her face. It really was a cool moment, and she went to church this Sunday! Cool stuff there mom! 
I love you have a wonderful week, go boating if you are bored of doing the same stuff every day. 
 Elder Zundel

Oh paps I will be throwning those bails 6 stacks high the day I get back. Well let me call the prophet and see what I can do about getting home for the weekend. (to help with the hay) That would be way nice if you didn't have to stack any in the barn.
 It is really hot up here too, we have hit 100 a couple of times I would imagine, I am just waiting to go to Mexicali where it gets up to 122 and there I will be cookin. Yeah I say thats a good idea to teach mom how to mow properly to hit all of the tough parts. Hey you keep that lawn looking good I put a lot of work into that baby last summer. Wow that is a lot of truck full of stuff! They are always doing yard sales where do they get all of thier stuff? 
Yeah I know Kyle and I keep in touch that is crazy! My year mark is coming up here soon and that is really crazy. That is good that Bishop Chadaz has a strong family to support this strong trial that they are facing right now. 
Are you finding new people to teach with in the ward boundaries? To tell you the truth I am not doing very good right now writing in the journal I better start up with that again.
  I dont' know Jay you could go to Lagoon and enjoy these precious moments with your grandkids, or you could go to work to buy me a Harley.... I am going to write mom some stories from the week so this  will be about it for this week. Hasta la próxima! 
Love you Dad.
Elder Zundel

Monday, July 7, 2014

 July 7, 2014

Hola madre! Te Amo! the toe is better, it doesnt hurt anymore and isn't all inflamed or howerer you say that... Well the work here in Tijuana is going. But here in Huertas (my area) are pretty slow. The members aren't to much involved it the work of salvation and it is rough to find new people to teach. We have a couple of people who are investigating right now and we will see how they progress, hoping to see a couple of baptisms before this transfer ends on the 21st. The new president is pure love. I am going to like him a lot. 
    What?! Bish passed away? that is so crazy! he is young. Wow that suprises me a lot, thats why you got to take care of your body mom! now you go to the gym right now! (note form mom: on Steve Chadaz passing away) I am glad to hear that the Redds made it back home safe though! 
Ah a get together with Tina is always a good time. Haha Hundley is a funny guy. All of my nephews are funny people. It will be fun to interact with them when I get home. Yeah it is getting hot here. We walk around all day and I just got sweat drippin off every part of my body, it gets rough. 
No more showers out of a bucket for now we have a really nice house right now so that is really good. We got to eat with someone in the ward every day at 2 so for breakfast and dinner we are on our own, usually some eggs for breakfast and tacos for dinner! Yeah the internet is here close to the house, and we pay one dollar for an hour so its alright. I will send you some more pictures! 
Love you mother, 
Love Elder Zundel

Yeah mom told me about Bishop Chadaz tambien. that is a sad deal, but the death is part of our spiritual progression, but that doesnt make it all the much easier while one is passing though it. 
  WOW tell you what summer makes me a lot more home sick that Christmas or any other holiday. And I can definately tell that it is summer down here, it is heating up fast! 
Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun weekend visiting all of the family. it amazes me that Taylor is married, there is an Elder here from Brigham Elder Brown and he said that he cant believe it either... Yeah think about it paps your old, tu eres mi viejo. 
Yeah I see all of these people here and think the same thing that you see with Tinas family, that the gospel would bless their live so much more, and it hurts that they do not except it. Then I think about the family back home and how much more it hurts that some do not except the gospel to take them to a higher level of life. 
   Well the toe is doing well it doesn't hurt and its not infected anymore, so no worries Pete! And I guess I could use some garment bottoms, thats about all really that I can think of.  I still have to buy some shoes I looked today in a mall type thing but they didn't have good walking shoes. That looked good. I am sure that there will be quite a few missionaries coming in here in these months but we don't know how many. I miss milk... and being able to eat healthy, and being able to drink water out of the tap. 
   Well things here are going pretty slow, our ward is not much into hastling the work, but we are trying to get things moving in the right direction. We have some good plans this week to visit some investigators so we will se how that goes and hopefuly we can see some people enter the waters here soon. 
Love you paps. 
 Elder Zundel

This how we celebrated new year, a good ol' burrito! Playing marbles with one of our investigators in the street! HAHA

Glory days hahahaha my comp wanted to take some fotos with the football helmets and his jersey he bought. 

                                   Some converts! Temple shots, So fetchin sweet!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yeah I see little kids and their parents and I am pretty excited to have a couple of mine own. But that won't be here for several years ha! Good to hear that you made it through the week I am pretty sure you loved every little minute of it! (grandma tending Kolt, Mason and Nash) Summer is going fast well that is always how it goes isn't it? But just love every minute is all we can do right!
 I want to go through the temple so bad right now! It makes me a little sad that I can't, but in a year I will go right here in Tijuana!!! 
That is cool that she is going to serve, good for her! who knows what will happen with them? (Sierra Jensen serving a mission)
  Well the plan stays how it was when I left, go down to SUU with Skinny and live a life full of girls, study, and God. But I need me a scholarship for SUU if you want to hook a child up with that! I have heard that it is easy to get a scholarship there. But these things will take care of themselves like Christ said tomorrow will take care of itself and we have to focus on the day that we are living. 
  Well things are going well here my dearest mother. Lots of walking talking and preaching. We have a goal this week to have 70 contacts, that is a lot for this mission! We will see if we cant come out of this with a lot of new people to teach! 
  I also know that this church is true! I know that Chist lives that he leads this church that we are guided by him in our lives because he loves us.
 I love you mom!
 Elder Zundel

I am Smiling, Happy, and Enjoying the journy! Hope all is the same back home. Well I don't know for sure what happened,but I dont think it was good, I will just do what they say. (about not being able to meet in large groups) Yeah I dont know what is happening with the world at all, but here in Tijuana things are really calm so no worries paps. OHH a good ol steak sounds really good, they hardly ever eat a thick steak here it is all really thin. But I am learning how to make some pretty good food to have a fiesta or two so dont worry about that. Good to know that the Redds made it back home safe and sound I was worried about that little trip the whole week.
  Well things hear are going alright, the people in this area are a little more stiff necked we try to contact people and they just send us to the goma. But last night we went to this house to have a little family home evening with a family for the first visit and it was really good, the whole family liked it a ton and were really grateful that we could get their whole family together and help them gain stronger bonds as a family. Hopefuly they will progress! But other than that things are really normal. Ha we have one investigator who wants to take us to Veracruz for a day or two and come back, wish we could! 
Well for Pday we get to wash our clothes buy our food write the family and well yup thats about all we do ha. Yeah I hear about the world cup everyday, yeah USA is going to move on! Mexico plays today so I will find out how that goes latter on.  
This week I felt really bad in the stomache so that wasn't fun at all and I have a stinkin' ingrown toenail and that bugger hurts! I am going to the DR Thursday to have it taken out. 
Well I guess I am your son, and I am really Handsome, so I guess you have to be somewhat good looking, just try not to get old on me... Love You Dad! Happy Fathers Day by the way! 
 Elder Zundel

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