Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hey I don't have much time so I am only going to write you okay so here first is a Little letter to dad so you can share with him.

Wow 1000 bales with her own crew that sounds like quite the deal. It was always nice to see the Zundel family, not to often do we see them all. Oh high adventure camps the last one I went on was way fun with ol' Jeff Madsen, glad he talked me into going. I will be sure to keep Hno Rose in my prayers. ( he was asked to pray for a brother in our home ward)
Naw I will burn my shirt while it is on, I am a missionary, don't feel pain. OH speeking of which, all this week I have had Diarrhea, and the people here do not buy CHARMIN Ulta, that is rough on man.
Good for the Redd's and Zundel's hopefully they can make a little bit of money out of that. (the Thatcher house)
Oh mom and her pioneers haha she really is a keeper isn't she, could do a little more cooking but I will take her over any other. 
Ah don't worry about me paps I am lean and mean and a preaching machine!

   Well first off mom good to hear that the workout is coming along well, mine also is going well. I am looking gooooooooddd.
 Good to hear that the crew had a good time going to Lagoon, and good luck this week with Hundley and Norah. Where is Sadie going on her misión??? yeah it really is fast how fast the time has gone since grandma past away, it is kinda sad that I didn't spend very much time with her. I want that to be different with Grandma Pete and with Grandpa and Grandma Z, so I am going to be dedicaded to spend time with them.
  Well I am going to pass another transfer here in the same área with the same comp, and when they told us Satuday night I really was upset cause I want to get out of here. I will have one year in the misson and only 2 áreas, and two áreas really not that good, the members don't help us with refrences and not to great to work with so I was a Little disanimated about that, but I changed my mind last night cause my comp and I are going to start to baptize like Alma so it will be alright. This week was a normal week walk, teach, preach and contact. 
I miss you momma and love you more. 
 Elder Zundel

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