Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 30, 2014

Well it is wonderful day here in Tijuana Mexico Baja California on Monday 30 June 2014, I am pretty glad that you have a good job too. It blesses my life as well. Well this is the rise and shine routine that my comp and I do. We get up at 5:30 Monday to Friday to workout for a good hour, then Saturday and Sunday we wake up at normal time 6:30. and we go to bet at 10:30 casi all of the nights.
  WHAT!!!?? you guys got smart phones? how are they? what kind? what can they do? HAVE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUEL? That is fun we have a cell fone a nokia its pretty cool you can call people and send text messages! The technology still hasn't hit this mission yet. 
Jeez the Redd are just loading their summer with fun! I will be sure to have them in my prayers! Wow Bears thats the way to do it, (note from mom: Bear River basketball team doing well in the St. George camp)  The people are a little bummed about Mexico loosing, but not to bad.
 Yeah I get to hear from my buds quite a bit they are all doing well!
  Well we got a new Mission Pres. last Thursday, I will be able to meet him a little we have a conference this Friday with him but it is also with 50 other missionaries so it won't be anyting personal yet. Well I told you that I had an ingrown toenail, I had to go to the doctor to have it taken out, and that was not pleasant! I will send you a picture of that!
so that made it a little harder to work this week, the doctor told me I had to stay in the house for like 3 days, nope we went to do visits that night. Well I am still workin here in the city of hills and trying not to be fat and trying harder to preach the gospel! I love you dad thanks for all that you do for me!
 Elder Zundel

Well this week was a little rough... but it is going good. We are having a tough time finding new people to teach, now that Mexico isn't in the mundial I think that will help us a little.
  Wow you putting in some service hours! That is good for you mom I bet that they are really grateful for your help.
 Hahaha I can Imagine AJ up there singing and dancing, He is funny! (Corinne Pageant)Yeah I know sounds like the Redds have the life to have. The temple won't be done for about a year, but I think that I will be here when they dedicate it so that will be AWESOME! The mission presidente is here! Pres. Garcia, I don't know him yet but maybe soon I will get to have an interview with him. 
The weather is alright here not to hot so that is good. Well I think that I could use some garmet bottoms, I am good with tops jsut a couple of bottoms. I had to buy some sports shoes this week cause it was my other shoes that gave me the ingrown toenail so hopefuly these other shoes will be better on the feet. I love you mom I love this work and I love the Lord! Love.
 Your Son Elder Zundel

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