Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 14, 2014

Well this week has gone well. summer is going quick, well I guess don't really understand summer right now cause it will still be hot and I will be doing the same thing, so summer for me is when it is hot. 
Really 2 times on the boat really is not exceptable to be honest with you mom, really disapointed. Good to hear that you got up on the skis, one or two? Hey I was thinking the other day and I want to come home to see one hot mama! Okay so how are you doing with going to the gym. We talk a lot about the verificación here so I will be verifying with you how things are going with that. 
  Normal large garments, I really can't think of anything that I need from home just letters and fotos. hey so my comp talked to president this week to ask if we could go to the temple and he says the San Diego Temple well I don't see why not. So I will ask presidente if I can go to the San Diego Temple the last week in July and we will meet up there. what do you say? haha
   Well in these weeks we have been teaching an athiest woman the gospel. When we fist got to her house she said that she didn't believe in anything but that it doesn't hurt to know more. So we have been teaching her the lessons and have been really good friends with her and her family. So with her being an athiest she didn't have a belief in God so she didn't know how to pray or any of that, so we have been focusing a lot in that the prayer and helping her get to know her Father in Heaven. So she told us the other day that she asked God a question before reading in her Book of Mormon and opened to a page and there in big letters was her answer to her question! Then the last lession that we had with her we were talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ and talking about all of this and the tears began to run down her face. It really was a cool moment, and she went to church this Sunday! Cool stuff there mom! 
I love you have a wonderful week, go boating if you are bored of doing the same stuff every day. 
 Elder Zundel

Oh paps I will be throwning those bails 6 stacks high the day I get back. Well let me call the prophet and see what I can do about getting home for the weekend. (to help with the hay) That would be way nice if you didn't have to stack any in the barn.
 It is really hot up here too, we have hit 100 a couple of times I would imagine, I am just waiting to go to Mexicali where it gets up to 122 and there I will be cookin. Yeah I say thats a good idea to teach mom how to mow properly to hit all of the tough parts. Hey you keep that lawn looking good I put a lot of work into that baby last summer. Wow that is a lot of truck full of stuff! They are always doing yard sales where do they get all of thier stuff? 
Yeah I know Kyle and I keep in touch that is crazy! My year mark is coming up here soon and that is really crazy. That is good that Bishop Chadaz has a strong family to support this strong trial that they are facing right now. 
Are you finding new people to teach with in the ward boundaries? To tell you the truth I am not doing very good right now writing in the journal I better start up with that again.
  I dont' know Jay you could go to Lagoon and enjoy these precious moments with your grandkids, or you could go to work to buy me a Harley.... I am going to write mom some stories from the week so this  will be about it for this week. Hasta la próxima! 
Love you Dad.
Elder Zundel

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