Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

This how we celebrated new year, a good ol' burrito! Playing marbles with one of our investigators in the street! HAHA

Hola madre! Te Amo! the toe is better, it doesn't hurt anymore and isn't all inflamed or howerer you say that... Well the work here in Tijuana is going, but here in Huertas (my area) are pretty slow. The members aren't to much involved it the work of salvation and it is rough to find new people to teach. We have a couple of people who are investigating right now and we will see how they progress, hoping to see a couple of baptisms before this transfer ends on the 21st. The new president is pure love. I am going to like him a lot.
    What?! Bish passed away? that is so crazy! he is young. Wow that suprises me a lot, that's why you got to take care of your body mom! now you go to the gym right now! (note from mom: this is about Steve Chadaz passing away)
I am glad to hear that the Redds made it back home safe though! Ah a get together with Tina is always a good time. Haha Hundley is a funny guy. All of my nephews are funny people. It will be fun to interact with them when I get home. 
Yeah it is getting hot here. We walk around all day and I just got sweat drippin off every part of my body, it gets rough. No more showers out of a bucket for now we have a really nice house right now so that is really good. We get to eat with someone in the ward every day at 2:00 so for breakfast and dinner we are on our own, usually some eggs for breakfast and tacos for dinner! Yeah the internet is here close to the house, and we pay one dollar for an hour so its alright. I will send you some more pictures!
 Love you mother,
 Elder Zundel

Yeah mom told me about Bishop Chadaz tambien. That is a sad deal, but the death is part of our spiritual progression, but that doesn't make it all the much easier while one is passing though it.
  WOW tell you what summer makes me a lot more home sick than Christmas or any other holiday. And I can definately tell that it is summer down here, it is heating up fast! Sounds like you guys had a pretty fun weekend visiting all of the family. it amazes me that Taylor is married, there is an Elder here from Brigham Elder Brown and he said that he can't believe it either... Yeah think about it paps your old, tu eres mi viejo. 
Yeah I see all of these people here and think the same thing that you see with Tinas family, that the gospel would bless their live so much more, and it hurts that they do not except it. Then I think about the family back home and how much more it hurts that some do not except the gospel to take them to a higher lever of life. 
   Well the toe is doing well it doesn't hurt and its not infected anymore, so no worries Pete! And I guess I could use some garment bottoms, that's about all really that I can think of. I still have to buy some shoes I looked today in a mall type thing but they didn't have good walking shoes that looked good. 
I am sure that there will be quite a few missionaries coming in here in these months but we don't know how many.
 I miss milk... and being able to eat healthy, and being able to drink water out of the tap. 
   Well things here are going pretty slow, our ward is not much into hastening the work, but we are trying to get things moving in the right direction. We have some good plans this week to visit some investigators so we will se how that goes and hopefuly we can see some people enter the waters here soon. 
Love you paps. 
 Elder Zundel

Some convets! Temple shots, So fetchin' sweet!

Glory days hahahaha my comp wanted to take some fotos with the football helmets and his jersey he bought. 

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