Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 23, 2014

Yeah I see little kids and their parents and I am pretty excited to have a couple of mine own. But that won't be here for several years ha! Good to hear that you made it through the week I am pretty sure you loved every little minute of it!(note from mom: after tending Kolt, Mason and Nash) Summer is going fast well that is always how it goes isn't it? But just love every minute is all we can do right! 
I want to go through the temple so bad right now! it makes me a little sad that I cant, but in a year I will go righ here in Tijuana!!! That is cool that she is going to serve, good for her! who knows what will happen with them? (note from mom: Sierra Jensen planning to serve a mission)
  Well the plan stays how it was when I left, go down to SUU with Skinny and live a life full of girls, study, and God. But I need me a scholarship for SUU if you want to hook a child up with that! I have heard that it is easy to get a scholarship there. But these things will take care of themselves like Christ said tomorrow will take care of itself and we have to focus on the day that we are living. 
  Well things are going well here my dearest mother. Lots of walking talking and preaching. We have a goal this week to have 70 contacts, that is a lot for this mission! We will see if we cant come out of this with a lot of new people to teach! 
  I also know that this church is true! I know that Chist lives that he leads this church that we are guided by him in our lives because he loves us. 
I love you mom! 
 Elder Zundel

I am Smiling, Happy, and Enjoying the journy! Hope all is the same back home. Well I dont know for sure what happened, but I dont think it was good, I will just do what they say. Yeah I dont know what is happening with the world at all, but here in Tijuana things are really calm so no worries paps. (note from mom: talking about a new rule of no large gatherings of missionaries) 
OHH a good ol' steak sounds really good, they hardly ever eat a thick steak here it is all really thin. But I am learning how to make some pretty good food to have a fiesta or two so don't worry about that.
 Good to know that the Redds made it back home safe and sound I was worried about that little trip the whole week.
  Well things hear are going alright, the people in this area are a little more stiff necked we try to contact people and they just send us to the goma. But last night we went to this house to have a little family home evening with a family for the first visit and it was really good, the whole family liked it a ton and were really grateful that we could get their whole family together and help them gain stronger bonds as a family. hopefuly they will progress! But other than that things are really normal. ha we have one investigator who wants to take us to Veracruz for a day or two and come back, wish we could! 
Well for Pday we get to wash our clothes buy our food write the family and well yup thats about all we do ha. Yeah I hear about the world cup everyday, yeah USA is going to move on! Mexico plays today so I will find out how that goes latter on.  
This week I felt really bad in the stomache so that wasn't fun at all and I have a stinkin' ingrown toenail and that bugger hurts! I am going to the DR Thursday to have it taken out. 
Well I guess I am your son, and I am really Handsome, so I guess you have to be somewhat good looking, just try not to get old on me... Love You Dad! Happy Fathers Day by the way!
Elder Zundel

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