Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

The week has been good, a little slow with the World Cup going on and the Fathers Day, the people here will take advantage of whatever holiday you will give them.v My comp is doing really good and it is the same Spanish. He speaks pure espanol this is like vosotros y vos and stuff like that so every once in a while it is different but it is the same language. That is cool that you had contact with that lady Yeah really there is nothing to worry about here, it is really safe. The climate is really dry and a lot like utah. ( about talking to Sister Graph from St. George whose son has been called to the Tijuana Mission) Yeah that will be quite the trip for the Redds but it will be fun for them for sure. 
Keep the yard looking good! Keep those boy fed and give them lots of love. 
I love you mom! 
Elder Zundel

Wow that is going to be the trip for that little family, 10 miles for two little dudes is a long ways. Today my comp and I started to work out really good and tell you what I got some sore legs, we will be in pretty good shape by the time this transfer is over. 
My companion and I are stacked! (before pic)
Hey how bout we go on a fishin trip some day! Yeah i would imagine that the house is pretty crazy with those three playing around all day long, good thing mom is done with school to take care of them. Yup you better got a rinding mower paps cause I will have about a week and a half in the house and then I will be in southern Utah.
   Things with the comp are going really good, as long as he has someone to keep him going and being obedient there are not any problems. This week was a little rough for me though, I am a little disanimated right now cause there is not a lot going on here, and the ward is really slow not doing much work at all, and that is where we have success is when the ward works with us. Yeah but things are rollin' with the world cup! Tomorrow will be a big day here in Mexico, because they play Brazil!! Things are still going well here I think I will buy some shoes in a couple of weeks. cause if I buy them now the Hills here will just tear them apart.
 I love you dad thanks for all of the support.
Elder Zundel

Oh yeah they prohibited all of the activities that we can do in all of mexico. we can't have zone or district activities and we can't have more than 4 missionaries together at a time. I HATE THAT! but oh well the mission goes on. That means no more basketball or soccer.....
 President Jose L. Alonso who leaves in July

Nice ol' shower

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