Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

An awesome family

Yeah, the weather is heating up, but it is a lot like home too. One day it will be really hot and the next is just normal. But the hills are not getting easier just so you know.  
'Dr. Scholls'
We are working really hard right now to find new people and teach a lot of lessons during the week. Our goal is 40 lesson a week. No slackin around for that.
 This week we saw a pretty cool miracle. So we have a family who were investigating the church and went to church like 5 to 7 times and never were baptized. So we passed by when I first got to the area, and we could hear them inside and they wouldn't answer the door, so we said nope we ain't gunna come back. But then a sister in the ward asked us to visit them with her so we went and had a good lesson with them, but after that we would go by the house and could hear them inside and they wouldn't answer the door. So we said, ya, we aren't going to come back and we cleaned our feet at their door. Then during this week we passed by the daughter (Karina) in the street and she told us that she wanted us to come by. so, ahh, we said okay, but we weren't expecting much. We go there and have an awesome lesson and we testified really powerful of the Book of Mormon and Karina accepted a baptismal date for the 19 of June! What a miracle that we found her in the street, cause we were not going to return. Well that is my story of the week. 
Sounds like you guys are going to keep pretty busy with the little ball games of all of the little boys. 
Ha that has got to be pretty funny. (ward story about the cats)  I really think what you guys are doing with the ward is really good. Remember that the ward looks up to and follows the example of the ward mission leader in the work of salvation.
I love you paps I will try to fight the paracites, that rhymed! Oh and could you guys send me a usb that way I can just put the fotos on a usb and dont have to use more SD cards.
 Elder Zundel
Good tacos!

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