Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 9, 2014

Haha mom don't worry about it I still love you, even though you don't love me enough to write me hahah just kidding. (mom's email was sent after his:( ) This week was really normal nothing new, well we did have transfers, my new comp is Elder Purisaga he is from Peru! He has 18 months in the mission and a reputacion to be a little disobedient but we will make a change to that! 
  That's good that they are pushing the people to get out of their comfert zone they need the push. ( Our stake mission plan, at home) Oh i am so jealious of Coop and Payton I want to do that so bad!  Havasupi Falls) I am sad to hear the lawn doesn't look so good, just get it looking good for next year! I stay in contact a little bit with the other mothers of missionaries, but not to much. 
Thanks for all you do for me mother I love you.
 Elder Zundel

That's really good to hear the Jason got a better job out there, little bit of a commute but worth it, no?
  YOU JUST MAKE SURE THE BOAT IS READY TO GO IN AUGUST OF 2015! Thats a bummer that there always seems to be a problem, but usually one at the beginning of the year and the rest is good. No I am not really getting fat just flat, but I would still like some workout cds I haven't got the package yet but mom said she didn't send them. I will get the package this Friday.
   That is awesome the the stake is moving the work forward! I hope that they can see some success from their efforts. I didn't get to see Taylor's invitation yet either. Really this week was really normal nothing extreme happened just normal so I don't have much to say mainly thanks for everything and I love you.!
we were going to baptize this young man but then things went down the drain with the family that he was being taught with.... sad...

Old Zone

Old Comp

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