Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May 25, 2015

Hey you guys have been praying for rain and that is what you have gotten, Blessings! Good to hear that everything is going good and that you could enjoy the day off. Well I guess if you see a really good deal on a car then go ahead and take it.. but plead that it looks pretty good as well. When will I have to been down to UVU? 
  Well this week was a really good week! We were able to have 2 baptisms of a mother and a daughter and they are really cool. We also had a great lesson with Chewi and we put a baptismal date for him for this week and we are hoping and praying that he will take the decision to be baptized this week! This week another lady came to church who had been in Utah for a while in the Salt Lake area. She has a couple of kids who are not baptized so we are going to go with them here tomorrow to see them and hopefully put a baptismal date with them!
 So far everything has been pretty chill here. We are always being safe but we have not seen any danger yet. Well in Playas de Tijauna they found 5 heads without bodies last week, but really nothing to worry about. 
I love you. 
Elder Zundel
Tortillas for days!


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