Friday, March 20, 2015

March 9, 2015

HOLA ZUNDELS! Yes here they do do daylight saving, and I also like it, it makes it a lot easier to work because it is hard to contact during the dark. About school don't worry all to much, everything will workout good, I just got to work hard and everything will be good. That is cool that Casey and Bridge are going to move into a house, I bet they are pretty excited about that! Shoot ditch digging won't even be a problem when I get back, we can just hook up a plow to my back and I will have it all done in an hour or so. But yes that will be after a couple of months when my not so six pack turns back into an 8 pack haha. MARCH MADNESS that is fun! oh you got to be careful with the little chickens because it can traumatize young peoples lives, I would know. I like telling people that I have nephews and nieces that are 3 and that they know how to pray, it shows what the gospel does in the home. 
  Well I am finally getting to know the curvy streets here in Tijuana, and I can walk around without getting lost. So that is nice, and makes it a lot easier to work. So right now we have two people who are progressing very well and they are a man named Fabian and a girl named Stefani. Fabian is like 35 married with a young girl and he is really cool, he works all week graveyard so we only get to teach him on wednesday, but he gets done with work on sunday morning and heads to church with us at 830 so he is pretty awesome! We found Stefani this week she is 16 and really cool, she asked us during the lesson, if we are God's children, then who is the father of God?¨ and she went to church and is really cool! Last night we knocked on a door and some guy invited us in and we talked for a while and he has family who are members of the church, he is not all tha interested right now, but he did invite us over to eat aguachiles today so that is really cool!! that is shrimp with salsa it is really good. Well we have a lot of hopes to find some really good new investigatores this week so pray for us in that effort to find the people who are ready to recieve the gospel. 
 Love Elder Zundel

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