Friday, March 20, 2015

March 16, 2015

HELLO well fiRst off I really enjoyed the pictures that you sent me, it is really good to see the ol Zundel side of the family! Please make a special hello for my grandparents on both sides!! There are a lot of lasts that are happening here but there are also a lot still left to run. We got some really cool news this week, that the Temple Open House will be November 13 to 28 and the dedication will be on the 13 of Dec by PRESIDENT Monson! so I will be having a little road trip to Tijuana! 
  That's good that you could do a little bit of the family history! have we gotten back to Adam and Eve in any of our lines yet? 
I have not done anyting with the  debit card and I do not plan on doing anything with it until I get home. That is so crazy that so many men are coming home! the time is going by really really fast now... I have a pretty great mom don't I! and she may have reason on telling you how to drive because I would imagine that it has not gotten any better with your old age. 
   So we are still working with the same people and they are still pregressing well! and we found a guy this week who is really cool! His family sells the slush stuff that grandma makes but it is mexican style and really good this morning we went and made it with him so that was cool. he is going to progress, but is and ex drug addict so we will have to work with that. 
 I love you guys so very much!

Ps. I was wondering if when it gets a little closer to August if you could ask a round a little and see if there are some quick jobs I could do, like haul hay for a day and make some good quick money so I can have a little pocket change. 
  I was talking to Elder Watts and he told me maybe about living with his family for the first semester then getting a house, I told him that I am good for whatever. 
  Love Elder Zundel

say hello to mis carnales for me!
Chowin' on shrimp

My comp's gangster face, what's up?

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