Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

The stomache issues are not as bad as they were, I will continue to work on that. How bout that! new truck,and why did you not send me a picture or two of it??? Does that mean that the Ranger is mine? Well I hope it pays back in return like the Ranger did.
Bout time Bears! Jennie Mitton told me that Mckade leads the state in tackles, thats pretty cool! The Utah teams are playing really well sounds like, bad news for Taysom... I think that I will be home in early August, President likes a good plan for his return missionaries so if I know what I am going to do he will be up for it. Tell mom to keep up the good work! I would imagine that you need to work a little harder on your athletic appearance, cut back on the milkshakes and kick up the sit ups! I am doing alright in my journal writings, not the best but alright. 
  I feel like the time is going by a little to fast, like there is so much to do and not much time to do it. So I guess that means that there is just to work harder. Transfers are coming up next Monday and I am excited for that! I am ready for a next comp... The other day while we were off on the tour of france my comp tells me, ya know you don't have to go so fast.. Laziness has grown to be one of my biggest pet peves. But I am working very hard with my patience so I don't get mad, and I am doing pretty well. The other day I told off one of the guys in the house for something they were doing, and he talked back and I was about to loose it on him, so I left the room got to my bed and knelt down. the peace that the Lord gave to me filled me and we were able to work without contention for the rest of the day. My testimony grown every day, today while studing I read in Mosiah:23 (,  I think it was, and it talks about how God sent trials to the people of Alma to test their faith and patience, and I feel the Lord is doing the same with me very often in the mission. 
  I will continue to work hard, and finish strong, and I will work really hard on not getting fat after chistmas... Love you paps! 
 Elder Zundel

Well we ran for one day, then my lazy comp wasn't up for it... bugs me.. Things are going better with the digestive system, not at 100% but alright. Oh Yes Conference was AMAZING!!! we watched it in the church. I wish that we could have conference every other week! I hope your families could watch it also. 
  Well Good for Bradley! I don't remember who it was, but one of the 12 made it pretty clear that we are to get married! I don't remeber any Alexa?? Elder Brown is a good guy! Well that doesn't seem like the worst option to join the Army. I feel like this will make you happy but I am feeling stronger about USU.. SUU is really far away from home. 
 I only took a years supply of contacts to the mission, and I am running low... my perscription is -3 y -4 
things in the ward are going alright, I really like the bishop he lives in our area so we visit him every so often and try to be a help for him. The weather is cooling down a lot, but still hot compared to home.
 I Love you mom, Love,
 Elder Zundel

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