Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 13, 2014

Wonderful time of year. Here it is pretty warm not as hot as the other weeks so I am thankful for that! Yeah Jennie told me that McKade Mitton dislocaded his shoulder, that Dr. Bitner says that he will be out for the season, but who knows. Were you guys able to see the new movie?? There are tons of people here that have really messed up ideas about our religion, and it makes it difficult for them to even listen to us. Hopefully the movie will be able to make a difference! Well for the next UEA EVERYBODY will be going well at least I. 
   I am feeling a little bit better. Yesterday I did not feel good at all. I went to a members house who is a nurse and they took my tempuature and it was a t 103 so they injected me with some stuff and got all of that taken under control. 

I told you about a less active woman who came back to church after 20 years about 2 weeks ago. Well we are teaching her kids now, her daughter is bound for a baptism here really soon, but her two sons are a little bit slower in the process, but we will keep on working with them. 
We have one investigator whose name is Marisol, she is 24 divorced with one boy of 3 years. She is Awsome! We went and taught her the other day about the word of wisdom, and so we started with how we should be obedient to the commandments that God gives us, and I asked her why do you think that God gives us commandments? And she says swinging her fist To Obey Them! She will be another baptism we will have here coimg up soon. But the other day while we were teaching her, her son came home from being with his dad. He was Screaming and Crying Papi Papi, histaricaly and just bawling because he did not want to leave his dad, really sad. Then Marisol with tears rolling down her face says I give him everything, all I have goes to him. His father does not give or do anything for him. Really sad moment, But she keeps a good attitude about it.
  I really liked what President told us this week in our Zone Conference. He talked a little about Templanza-Temperance, well paps you probably know a little, I mean a little bit about this. How when someone is making a sword they pound it with a hammer until it gets really hot then put it in cold water, and by doing this the molicules are moved around and the steel becomes harder and harder with every round. I feel as though I have been tempered very many times in the mission. Time after time we get thrown in the water, but I know how much stronger I am for it! My testimony has grown incredibly. And I know that it doesnt matter what fight I come up against, my sword will not bend nor break. I love you Paps!
Elder Zundel
X games in Mexico

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