Sunday, November 10, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hola padres!
Everything is good here. I don't understand anything when people talk, the only thing I understand is the first lesson. The address to write me is:

Elder Zundel
PMB 157 P.O. box # 439056
San Ysidro, CA 92143 9056

Will you put that on my facebook or have Wendi that!?
I met a sister yesterday and we were talking and she use to live in Brigham her name is Brenda Casa, she said she knew Nicci, small world huh!
I watched, conference but it sucked.....It was all in Spanish, I did not understand a thing!
So you will need to send me the talks as soon as you can!!! It is all way ghetto here. It kinda stinks everywhere you go. But the people are way nice which is really good! I understand a little more Spanish everyday which is really good, we live in a little house all cement floors, really small, but it doesn't need to be big, spiders and cockroaches rule the place! We are opening the area so we don't have very many investigators, only like two right now, but that should pick up a lot this week once we can get to know the members and what not. I love the food!!!! There bread and all the pastries are soooo good! I had tacos the other day and I think they ere the best thing I have ever had! Dad would love the food here, I love you!
Elder Zundel

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