Monday, November 25, 2013

25, 2013

Little boy that swallowed the sucker the wrong way!

Well this week was not the best for Elder Zundel... On Wednesday I got sick with the cold so I have not slept that great since then, I bought some medicine but it is not doing to much to help. Then on Friday night we were with a family of members I gave their two little sons each a dumb dumb sucker and the younger one about 2 1/2 popped it off the stick and swallowed the sucker part and started chocking... so his mom picked him up and started pounding on his back, but it was not helping. So she picked him up and ran outside and was jsut in a frantic. My comp and I ran outside too and my comp was just saying, "que hacemos, que hacemos?" And I was all I dont know?? Pray! so we knelt down and each of us said a prayer and right after we got done she came back with the kid and everything was fine! 

So what did I learn from this... Dont give any more suckers away to little kids. Then this Sunday again we had a big fat 0 at sacrament meeting. I opened up my book of mormon to read out of it during the sacrament and I was in Alma 33 but for some reason I read the last verse of chapter 32 over again and it talks about being patient and all of that good stuff kind of a comferting thing.
  Then I met a woman who had came from Ocean Side for a meeting about the Temple and her father is a Zundel Ron is his name and her Grandfathers name is John Jacob Zundel so that was pretty cool to meet her. Thanks a ton for the package! my comp was pretty stoked about the CD! 
   A couple more things: peanut M&M's, BBQ potato chips, Pics of Everyone now (when you get the chance i know the computer is down), cold medicine and IBprofen, Baby picture of me, muddy buddies. and 32 on the garments and round neck.
   Oh yeah and I threw up this morning. Yeah if you were wondering that really was not cool. I slept for like 3 hours last night really really not fun at all. I wrote a letter to Patrick and Grandpa on sunday, but I am sending them both to you. Transfers are in 3 weeks but I think I will stay in the same area for one more transfer. The Spanish is coming along pretty well. Keep on praying for the people!!! That is cool for COOP! And really cool about the BYU football. I bet you guys had a good time.
Well I love you and pray for you everyday, thanks for the love and support!
 Elder Zundel
The little "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree"

side note to dad:
WOW! Quite an experience that sounds really fun! The ankle is doing good, still a little sore. Oh paps not getting fat at all! still in pretty dang good shape if I do say so myself. no other letters besides patricks. Yeah I think that the bears will do well this year at least they have the potential to do well. Thanksgiving and my birthday! no they dont celebrate thanksgiving here but the lady that we are eating with said that she is going to make me a cake for my birthday so hopefully she remembers. Shoot dad you would love the food here, I am learning a lot and having hermanas write down recipies for me though so I will be able to make some really good food when I get back. Pdays are pretty lame I wish we would do more I tell my comp but he is kinda lazy and going home in 3 weeks so he dont care, we did play soccer for a little bit last week and that was really fun! The kid with his hand out is the one who almost died. I wrote mom a long Email so you will have to read that. I love you thanks for all of the love and support!

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