Monday, November 4, 2013

August 30, 2013

Sounds like everything is going good  back there, staying pretty busy there. Bears are doing good it seems, I figured they would do well this season.
Could you send me pictures!!!
Everything is going good up here I have come really close to my comp. and the rest of mu district, especially Elder Lindly, He is a really cool guy I get along with him the best.

I have seen Riley, WesF. and Brady ( he is at the west campus) They all say they are
Elder Zundel with Elder Riley Skinner and Elder Wes Fukui
doing good! Could you get me some address, Broc's, Kylan's, Tanner V's, Austin's, and Bubba's. All of my brother and sisters, too!

But yeah I love it here I will send pictures as soon as I can. There are some computers that you ca just put the sim card in, but I just have to find those computers.

with Elder Skinner
I love getting letters! Thanks so much for the package! I will write more if you want me to. Could you send some stamps? Oh and if you send candy send like nuts and dried fruit,  don't want to get fat ya know :) We go hard working out in our dorms at night, boo yeah!
Love you, 
Elder Zundel

with Sister McKenzie Bowcut and Elder Skinner

August 26, 2013

Hola como estas? Yo es muy bien! MTC es bueno. Yo se que Jesucristo es me elsavedor y es my hermano yo se que amor de dios es real. yo se que el don de lenguas es real en el nombre cristo amen. 
hey how are things going in tremonton? Have you got my letters? Everything is going great up here! had out first gym time on saturday night played some b ball and i tore it up baby! it was a really good time. I have learned more spanish in the four days i have been here than in the three years in school. we sit in a class for 8 hours each day and walk up or down 1500 stairs... that is no bueno ha. will you give Andi my email address please. We watched a video last night from a devotional Elder Bednard gave a couple of christmas's ago about the character of christ and it was really good. He told a story about a lady who lost her daughter in a car crash and it reminded me so much of Todd and  Racheal. Just true examples of people who have attributes of Christ. See if you can look it up on YouTube. Keep on sending letters they are great to get! will you ask Casey if he will make a cd with some christian spanish music on it and then send a cd player and that speaker and the cord please. I have some pictures to send to you but I got on the wrong computer so I will have to send them some other time.

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