Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hello My beautiful Mother,
  This week has been one of good moments and bad moments it seams like there can be more dissapointing moments then not in the mission. The contact that I had on the bus she went ahead and gave me a fake address nobody lived in the house that we went to... really dissapointing. We did not have any investigators at church either which is really sad. That seems to be the hardest part of it all is to get them to come to church. But on the other hand had some good experiences also. We taught a lady and she was just asking awesome questions during the lesson when we were explaining the Book of Mormon. like How do I know if the book is true, then we told her by the spirit, then she asked how will the spirit tell me and there were more but really a good investigator I am excited to teach her again, then on the bus I met a man and he started asking me about the church and all these really good questions and then at the end before I had to get off and I got his address and all he says Well I dont know if I want to join right now but after you guys teach me about it I can think about it. we will teach him this saturday so hopefully that goes good I really hope so!
    When I show people the pictures they send me they always say how beautiful my parents are! I thought you might like to hear that! dont tell dad though it will make him to prideful. Anyways, I have grown to love the book of mormon so much out here! crazy how much it talks to you in the moment of your life that you are in! Like while I have been reading it I have seen so many times how that the gospel will be brought to the lamanite people in the latter days... That is what I am doing! I am fulfilling the prophesies of the prophets!  How awesome is that? Then how it always says if you obey the commandments you will prosper in the land and that is so easy to translate to if you are obedient in the mish you will be successful and I know that is so true. My comp on the other hand might not think so sometimes he has a little bit of a problem being obedient, but I would have you know that I am obedient mother. 
  I could use some more garments so next package you send slip some in there, probably the cotton polly kind. I have not recieved any letters I think the guy went over to cali this weekend so next time I see him I will see if anything was there I sure hope so! OH and I bought half a jacket, I decided to buy a jacket cause I dont have a really warm jacket and they all say that it can get pretty cold here, but It was on a really good deal and a really nice jacket for pretty cheap so I need you to put more money on the card before next monday! thanks! I love you so much hope all is well thanks for the love! 
   Elder Zundel

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