Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Okay so I am doing what you said and emailing you fist, without reading but I dont know if I will email you back after I read cause I got a lot of Emails this week! ha. Well I will start off with this week was awesome with lessons and all we had a ton of lessons some people really seeming interested and reading the Book of Mormon and all really good. Then Sunday comes around and we had 7 people committed to go to church and guess how many showed up?!?!?! UHHHmmm that would be a big fat 0. I was so dissapointed really bumbed out, my comp and I just wanted to to cry. We had it all worked out we had rides for the people and had members go to some as we went to others, but yeah nothin. These are the worries that I have here I am no longer worried about what happens (of coarse I am worried about your health and well being) outside of the mission. It is so awesome not to have worries of the world and just be focused on how to bring others closer to our Savior, but it also brings a lot of heartache whch is never fun....The man on the bus that I mentioned in my last Email, we went by his house on saturday and no one aswered but I felt like we should try again later so we did and he aswered but we didnt have time to teach him anything and he was busy also so we have another sita with him next saturday and we know how to get ahold of him now! We have one investigaor who is 14 yrs old and has a 5 month old baby! Wow that is crazy huh, she is really cool though and really smart too which is wierd cause she is about the only one here ha.
    One thing that I really like that my comp said the other day is, "It is never to late." And I just thought about how true that is. I think about scripture stories like Alma the Younger, and the Lamanites, the Prodigals son, and the lost sheep. Christ has more joy when a sheep who was once lost is found. And that is what our call as members of the church is to do. Find the lost sheep! Like Elder Holands talk when he said what I need Peter are disciples and I need them forever. 
    I got your package and the letter from Mr Bault I have not read or opened the package yet though. Well that is all I got for this week I love you both Mom and Dad and the whole dang fam! 
   Elder Zundel

side note to dad:

I emailed mom but I forgot to say a couple of things, ON my facebood add this lady who added me as a friend one of her names is lopez, she is my favorite member in the ward. I rolled my ankle this morning pretty good jump roping I was hopping foot to foot and then when I jumped to one of my feet I stepped off the curb really hurts, to tell you the truth.

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