Sunday, November 10, 2013

October 21, 2013

Wow that is pretty scary about the little wreck! I am doing good still rough about the language but it is getting better. Yeah it is way dirty here but the people are awesome it is so humbling for me to be here with these people.
  Yeah I could use a couple things in a package. I need selsum blue shampoo. My comp loves bruno mars and it is his birthday coming up soon so if you could make me a bruno mars CD so i could give to him that would be awesome. and another CD with half salsa music and the other half Bichate on it. They whatever else.
       We dont use facebook Not sure if we will or not while I am here? A typical day here is: I wake up at 630 do a workout eat and shower and be dressed by 8 then do a personal study tthen at 9 a comp study. Ten is language study or more like 1030 but anyways then we start our day at 12 we walk a lot and it is all hills which is good for the Health!  we eat at at about 2 everyday. sometimes we have to walk to a place called k casas which is really far away like 3 miles or so. Oh and we are serving in Delicias Tijuana so look that up! the continue with lessons until 9 and are are back to  our house by about 9 then we plan for the next day and go over our day. done by about 10 then I usually read a little and go to bed. 
      We are teaching a guy and he turned out to be gay so I dont know what we are going to do with that for sure...? we are still teaching him but our next lesson is going to be the law of chastity so we will see how that goes ha. We taught a lesson about the Plan of Salvation to a some people and It really made me think about Grandma Carole I really do miss her and I pray every night that she will recieve the things that are being taught to her. 

 I havent recieved any letters or dear elders. I write G&P Zundel a little. Yeah I am still writing Andi. I havent got anyletters from anyone while I have been here. but that is okay. 
I love you guys check out Moroni 8:3 that is what I do for you every night. 
Love elder Zundel

Oh i learned how to make horchata you got to tell Riley about that I can make some bomb horchata!

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