Monday, November 4, 2013

September 5, 2013

All is well. Did you get the pictures that I sent you? Are you sending pictures?
 I am so sad I missed Uncle Bills spaghetti. I would love to have some good home cooked spaghetti right now. I have lost like on or two pounds since I have been here. I do pull ups, push ups, and sit ups everyday so I am keeping in shape! NOT GETTING FAT! It is great to hear Doreen is doing well.
The language is coming, but frustrating at the same time. I just want to be able to express myself but I just don't have the words.

There is a lot better basketball now. There are some kids in my zone that have skills, so the games are competitive and fun! I didn't see Nick S, he might have gone to the west campus.

WE had a kind of a humbling experience tonight our teacher shared with us a scripture,
1 Cor. 13:11 (i believe) but anyway, it says something like 'when I become a man I put away childish things'. It hit pretty hard, like no longer am Ian 18 year old young man anymore. I am a man of God. It is a way of life. So that was pretty cool.
I hope things continue to stay well at home. Sounds like everything is going well.

I finally got a letter from Andi today, that made my whole day better, like a Christmas present, almost! My companion seems to be going through a hard time right now, I feel bad for him, but not quite sure what to do.I have a lot of class time life 19 or so hours a day so I wrote a poem for one of the hours.
I  love you guys so much and pray for ustades todas noches.
Elder Zundel

Why would He send us here alone
All understanding now unknown
Ya I know we have prayer and such
But all this pressure is way too much
When all I need is comfort
Is when I feel the thunder
Cause all my pain is real
I think it's all i ever feel
Why does it seem the days never end
Alone, by myself, I have to fend
But then I hear a simple voice
 All of a sudden my heart feels rejoice
I gave up the life of my only Son to comfort you
Listen, I will show you what He can do
 A drop of faith is all it takes
To feel the peace form the drops of blood the night before his fate
He felt the pain all the world could send
The agony of which no mortal man can comprehend
So when you're feeling down, here's where you can start 
Tell Him all the pain you feel in you heart
And I promise you now My son, My child
The love He sends will not be mild
So "why" you ask "did you send me here alone?"
My answer, I didn't, my son gave his life that you might grow.

Kyle Zundel

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